What swing states did obama win in 2012

what swing states did obama win in 2012

The 2012 Election Results: Obama's Win in 1 Map

Apr 16,  · Obama carried the state by nine points in but Republicans won both House seats and an open Senate seat in * North Carolina: Of our nine swing states, Obama. 5 rows · North Carolina 15 Electoral Votes. Thanks to high African-American turnout and Democratic gains in.

By Reuters Staff. President Barack Obama visited two such states, Nevada and Colorado, as part of a trip to the West this week. Here are details of expected battleground states in With more than 18 million people, Florida is the fourth most populous state in America, making it the largest swing state with 29 electoral votes. The Republican Party is holding its national convention in Tampa next August to try to win voters in Florida, home to large numbers of Hispanic and elderly voters.

Florida has a large number of Social Security recipients, with a third of its registered voters 60 or older. The federal retirement program has become a hot topic in recent Republican debates. Some Republican candidates like Texas Governor Rick Perry have come under fire in the state for saying the Social Security program is not financially sustainable in its current form.

The state was the center of the hotly disputed presidential race, with only several hundred votes separating Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore in Florida. A recount battle delayed the outcome for over a month before the U.

Supreme Court halted the recount, giving Bush the presidency. Ina large majority of Hispanic and young voters carried Obama to victory there. Colorado has a jobless rate of 8. Nevada, where an influx of new residents and a growing Hispanic population led Obama to a victory, has the highest state unemployment rate in America at Immigration and jobs will be central issues in the Nevada race that will be a fight for six electoral votes.

Although it has a small population and holds only four electoral votes, New Hampshire is significant as it is an early voting state in the presidential nominating contests. In Ohio, Obama scored a 5-point victory in But with 9.

At recent campaign-style events at auto plants in the state, Obama claimed credit for the bailout of the auto industry.

His campaign hopes what is a closed loop process the move in support of U.

Obama won Ohio by a 4-point margin over McCain in But the state went narrowly to Bush inand is expected to be highly competitive in Ohio has 18 electoral votes. North Carolina has 15 electoral votes.

It was a Republican presidential stronghold in recent elections until Obama carried the state what swing states did obama win in 2012but polls show his popularity dimming. His campaign has planned to mobilize efforts how to draw alex the lion from madagascar compete in North Carolina and Virginia, where a big voter turnout among blacks gave him a boost in InObama faces a battle holding the state, where polls show him losing supporters.

The state has 13 electoral votes. Pennsylvania has favored Democratic presidential candidates since With a jobless rate of 8. According to a Quinnipiac University poll last month, 51 percent of voters surveyed said Obama how to convert to catholicism from methodist not deserve a second term.

Democrats have won Wisconsin in the past six presidential elections. The state, which has 10 electoral votes, drew attention this year for its dispute between Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic-leaning labor unions over collective bargaining rights. The election is expected to be close as the state is grappling with slow job growth and a sluggish economy.

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Jan 23,  · The two were dead even in Florida. All the results were within the credibility interval, a measurement of the accuracy of online polls. Other surveys generally show Obama leading by narrow margins in Wisconsin, Nevada and New Hampshire. Romney is Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Here are details of expected battleground states in * FLORIDA - With more than 18 million people, Florida is the fourth most populous state in America, making it the largest swing state with Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Nov 11,  · There were many factors that hurt Mitt Romney and favored Barack Obama in the presidential election. is voter fraud in a few swing states. considering Obama won in both states .

With the race in a dead heat nationally, both candidates touched down briefly in Dubuque, a Mississippi River city of 58, people, as they sprinted across the country in a bid to secure any possible advantage before Election Day.

In an airport rally early in the afternoon, Romney urged supporters to try to sway friends and neighbors who back Obama. He said he would reach out to Democrats as well if elected - a stance that could appeal to independent voters who have little stomach for partisan gridlock. And I'm going to reach across the aisle in Washington, D. Six hours later, Obama reminded about 5, people in a park in downtown Dubuque that he had started his first presidential bid in Iowa in , and highlighted successes of his time in office, such as ending the war in Iraq and expanding access to healthcare.

You may not agree with every decision I made, you may have sometimes been frustrated with the pace of change. A new poll by the Des Moines Register newspaper showed Obama leading Romney by 47 percent to 42 percent in Iowa, though the survey showed the president barely edging his opponent on the critical question of which candidate would do better fixing the economy. Earlier in the day in Ohio, Obama hammered Romney for opposing his bailout of the auto industry and said his challenger tried to scare workers by saying inaccurately that Chrysler planned to shift jobs to China.

About one in eight Ohio jobs is tied to auto manufacturing, and the bailout has helped Obama win over some of the white working-class voters who are heavily backing Romney in rest of the country. Other polls show him trailing by a larger margin in Ohio. Still, analysts say Obama holds an edge in many of the eight or nine competitive states that will determine who controls the White House.

The two were dead even in Florida. All the results were within the credibility interval, a measurement of the accuracy of online polls. Romney is considered to have the edge in North Carolina.

Romney has tried to expand the battlefield over the past week to states that had been considered beyond his reach. Ryan is due to visit Minnesota on Sunday, another state that has been considered solidly Democratic. Romney himself is due to speak in Pennsylvania on Sunday. Obama officials say the Romney campaign is visiting those states out of desperation because he has been unable to establish a clear lead in other battleground states.

Capping Saturday's tour , Obama made a joint appearance with Clinton before an enthusiastic crowd of 24, - one of the largest of his campaign - at an outdoor arena in Bristow, Virginia. The Dave Matthews Band provided the warm-up act. On stage, Clinton mocked Romney for his shifting positions and attempts to explain away earlier comments on the auto bailout, saying the Republican "tied himself in so many knots Clinton, seen by Obama's campaign as appealing to undecided voters because of the prosperous economy he presided over, lauded the president as a "good commander-in-chief and a good decider-in-chief.

Earlier on Saturday, Obama also held a rally in Wisconsin, a state considered safely in his column earlier this year. Obama started the day at the federal government's disaster-relief headquarters in Washington, where he received an update on the efforts to help Northeastern coastal states recover from devastating storm Sandy. The storm has afforded the Democrat an opportunity to rise above the fray of campaigning. But it has also raised the stakes for him to show his administration can respond quickly and effectively in a crisis, as residents of New York and New Jersey vent frustration at power outages and gasoline shortages.

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