What is the 3 peaks challenge

what is the 3 peaks challenge

Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge is one of the most popular trekking challenges in the UK and involves climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon), one after another with an aim to complete the challenge within 24 hours, 48 hours or 3 Days. THE NATIONAL THREE PEAKS. Three Peaks Challenge. Welcome to the home of the Three Peaks Challenge events - the National, Yorkshire, Welsh, and Surrey challenges. COVID latest: Yorkshire Three Peaks will resume from the 17th of April, National Three Peaks from the 15th of May - tourist accommodation is due to reopen in Scotland from the end of April.

Skip to Content. Tackling Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mt Snowdon in 24 hours is arguably the very best adventure challenge possible on these isles. Written by Tom Ward. Published on Anyone partial to the call of the wild should be familiar with Britain's Three Peaks Challenge. You may have even completed it yourself. Often, the aim is to cover the 23 miles of walking distance, mile drive and metre ascent in just 24 hours.

As the first man to run the entire trip how to download free music to computer from internet and unsupported, the Scottish Adventurer of the Year has scaled heights few can hope to match. Until now, that is. Dig deeper than ever before. Thousands of people tackle the three peaks each year and no matter the time limit you hope to do it in, the trip is all about testing yourself in ways you may never have thought about, from nutrition to recovery all on a debilitating lack of sleep.

This involved climbing the three peaks, running the miles in between and carrying everything I needed on my back. My time was 13 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes. Plan your ascent. Start in Wales and work upwards. Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri, is miles about a five hour schlep from London. You also need to organise transport to the start and back from the finish.

In my opinion the scenery improves as you go north up the West Highland Way. Pile up your pennies. Doing the trip in 24 hours might be a cheaper approach, but you will have to factor in fuel costs as you dart from Wales up to Scotland.

Plus campsite fees and food. Collect a gadget. If the weather closes in then everything can look very different. Mountains are dangerous places and that is part of their attraction but you need to respect them.

Manage your meals. The view from Great Gable at sunset on Scafell Pike. Proper fuel is vital for powering your efforts. Ramsay has a simple food strategy. Keep an eye out for shops on your route, as you can always top-up on more snacks and drinks as you go. Sustain and maintain. Whatever your time limit, keeping energy levels up is essential to a Three Peaks ascent.

Motivation, determination and logistics are vital, but packing a good snack selection to hit those in-between meal slumps is vital on the mountain. Stay light on your feet. Raidlight 30l Rlight pack. Vango F10 Helium tent. Robens Fire Midget Stove. Vango F10 Catalyst sleeping bag. GSI Halulite minimalist cook set. Adidas Skychaser GTX trail running shoes. Hat, gloves, sunglasses, suncream, Buff neckwear.

Build your body. For the full Three Peaks, you need to train with a full backpack. Climb mental mountains. Ridge of the Crib Goch trail at Mt Snowdon. Of course, climbing three mountains back to back requires a certain sort of mental fortitude. Think about the whole thing too much and you might psyche yourself out before you begin. Ramsay has some advice. If you set yourself achievable targets and then tick them off you will almost what are the diagnostic criteria for autism achieve more.

Take time to unwindor not. Time for a pat on the back and a bloody strong cup of tea, right? Not so fast There are so many amazing places to visit in the UK and they all challenge you in a different way.

Never stop challenging yourself. Munro bagging: The best Scottish adventure you've never heard of.

How to take part in the National Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge is an attempt to climb the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in one go. These peaks are Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, and Snowdon in Wales. Other bespoke options are available, including doing the challenge from south to north to discuss alternatives or any ideas you may have feel free to call our friendly team. The National Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, often within 24 hours. The total walking distance is 23 miles (37km) and the total ascent is metres (10,ft) - twice the ascent of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, over a similar total walking distance. The total driving distance is miles. The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge, lesser known than the National or Yorkshire Challenges, takes in the three peaks of Wales: Snowdon in the North, Cadair Idris in mid-Wales, and Pen y Fan in the South. The Welsh Three Peaks includes a total walking distance of 17 miles (km) and an ascent of metres (ft), usually in less than hours.

Price Drop. If you don't see a date suitable, please call on to organise a custom date. Choose a different date.

The challenge is to climb each of these three peaks one after the other! Other bespoke options are available, including doing the challenge from south to north to discuss alternatives or any ideas you may have feel free to call our friendly team.

This is a tough event and people participating should have the necessary fitness and be prepared to do without sleep! The standard for measuring your official total time on the event is mountain time plus a fixed 10 hour drive time. The challenge is supported by qualified mountain leaders and a driver will be with you all of the way.

We have many years experience in delivering this challenge. If you want to do this challenge but think that you might benefit from sleep in between each peak, then we do offer this event over more relaxed timescales. During each road based north to south Three Peaks event, our vehicle does a round trip from Manchester. This means we offer pick-up points for you at the following locations:. If you are based in the south of the UK we recommend you fly to Glasgow International Airport and then catch the return train from Manchester.

This saves you a lot of time in the vehicle. Drop off points are:. Pick-up times are the day before the event and drop off is during the afternoon of the event finish. We aim to finish in Snowdon by mid afternoon on the last day of each event and, therefore, your drop off should be no later than 6pm on the Sunday evening. However, there are no guarantees as it depends on the speed of your group. Over the years concerns have been raised about the impact the 3 Peaks Challenge has on the environment and the local residents surrounding these peaks.

The main concerns raised is an increase in traffic and noise in rural areas at unsociable hours, litter, erosion of the peaks through people taking short cuts and in particular the lack of water and toilet facilities at Wasdale Head.

At Maximum Adventure our ethos is to always respect the areas we work in. The company was set up by people who enjoy the mountains and respect the impact people climbing them have on the environment and local residents. When running our 3 Peak Challenges we adhere to the fundraising guidelines which were produced by the Institute of Fundraisers in line with the various authorities for the 3 Peaks. We mainly run small groups of between people with experienced drivers and mountain leaders with them ensuring best behaviour on the mountain and not impacting on rescue services.

We always stick to the official paths on the mountains so not to cause any environmental damage to the mountains, and we contribute to the maintenance of these paths. We make donations to the Highland council for the upkeep of the paths throughout the year. In the cases where we operate larger groups we seek prior approval from the various mountain authorities. We have worked closely with these authorities over the years and have a very good working relationship with them.

We also manage groups access to the peaks to reduce the amount of people coming into and out of an area at any one time. We aim to climb Scafell Pike before the midnight cut off time, thereby reducing the impact our arrival and departure has on local residents.

We always have our own water supplies so we do not use local supplies and do all that we can to ensure our clients have access to appropriate toilet facilities outside of the area. Our drivers remain with the minibuses and ensure there is no excessive noise or illegal parking. We take the safety of our participants very seriously, and stick to driving regulations with separate non-walking drivers, making sure sufficient breaks are taken. We believe we are one of the most responsible operators on the hill and continually endeavour to improve our services whilst protecting the beautiful environment we operate in and ask that all of our clients respect our working code when travelling with us.

We run the 3 Peaks Challenge as an open or bespoke event. Our open events run every Friday to Sunday from May to October. For bookings of 8 people or more, we also run this as an exclusive event on the dates of your choosing. To book any number of participants on to an event, simply select the date of your choosing and follow the booking procedure. We now also offer a late collection 8pm at Glasgow International Airport on the Friday of our open events for the busy adventurer.

A surcharge does apply. For the bespoke exclusive events a personalised collection time can be arranged with your event planner. If you are already booked on an event, please contact your event planner for further information or to request a later collection. If you are yet to book, please simply add on as an optional extra at checkout. Please note Fort William offers limited dining after 9pm and so, if you are on the late collection, we recommend you already have your pre event dinner before arrival.

After placing your booking with us, you will in the first instance receive an automated email from our system confirming receipt of your reservation. In the process of placing your booking, you will generally set up an access password to our online gateway where you can review the details of the booking.

Your personal event planner will then be in touch with you to start to confirm the details. This contact will usually be taken up in the working day after receipt of your booking, but may, in busy times, take a little longer. The event planner will then liaise with you regarding the details of the course.

If you have any specific requirements, please do mention it at this stage. We normally run this trip over a weekend, Friday to Sunday, however if you would like to do this at any other time, including midweek, then please contact us. A typical itinerary looks like this:. Meet at designated pick up points and transfer to Fort William.

Check-in to your accommodation, evening briefing, route planning and equipment check with your guide. Time to unwind.

Early breakfast then depart for Ben Nevis at approximately 7am. Night time transfer to Snowdon and early morning ascent. This is a round trip of approximately 4 hours. Drop offs at designated points en route to Manchester. Please note: This itinerary is a guide only. How to take part for Charity To do this challenge for a charity there is a non-refundable registration fee, payable to Maximum Adventure at the time of booking. You can then choose between the two different options below.

Self-Funding Pay a registration fee at the time of booking then the balance due 10 weeks before departure. With the self-funding option, you personally cover the full cost of the challenge. This option means that there is no minimum sponsorship target due, but we encourage you to raise as much money as you can for the charity. Minimum Sponsorship Pledge Pay a registration fee at the time of booking and confirm with your charity their minimum fundraising requirements for the balance.

This will typically be double the cost of the adventure, less the registration fee. For more details of how fundraising works please read our step by step guide here or contact us for help.

Maximum Adventure work with lots of charities to offer our events as fundraising opportunities. If your chosen charity is not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to approach them on your behalf. We know you have a choice of companies providing trips for your next adventures. Here are some of the reasons you should choose to travel with Maximum Adventure:. Adventure for charity? To find out more, Click here. Book your trip. Home Products 3 Peaks Challenge. Walks and Treks.

Long Weekend. Speak to an Expert Enquire. Or call us on Book your trip Select a year Month May. Fri Continue Close. Guiding on all 3 peaks by experienced mountain leaders 3 Peaks, 26 miles 42km total horizontal distance, 3,m 9,ft of vertical ascent This trip is best run between May and October, outside of these dates we consider it winter conditions. See our transport explained section for further details Expert driving team with lots of 3 Peaks experience. Please note: that for safety reasons we adhere to all road traffic safety regulations Set open dates for individuals or small groups to join, or, bespoke events for group sizes of 8 or more just ask if the date you want is not listed Many years experience in providing this challenge We aim to complete the challenge within 24 hours; some groups will take less time, others more the fitter your entire group is, the more likely you will be able to fulfill the challenge!

You need to be pretty fit. Drop off points are: Anywhere on the A55 and M56 between Snowdonia and Manchester Manchester Airport Manchester Piccadilly Station Alternative pick up and drop off points can be discussed upon request Pick-up times are the day before the event and drop off is during the afternoon of the event finish. Why book with us We know you have a choice of companies providing trips for your next adventures.

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