What is good luck in french

what is good luck in french

How to Say Good Luck in French

How to say good luck in French. good luck. French Translation. bonne chance. More French words for good luck. bon courage. good luck. bon vent. 11 rows · to be good news for sb etre une bonne nouvelle pour qn. > This is good news for farmers. a piece.

You can easily use it on its own by simply saying bonne chance to someone, or you can put it into kn more complete sentence. In order to do so you typically use the words pouravec, or dans. Take a look at the below examples…. Bonne chance pour votre retraite — Good luck with your retirement. Using avec with bonne chance is most common for things that are tangible such as an object. Using dans with bonne chance is more or less the same thing as using pour.

Bonne chance dans votre travail — Good luck with your work. It may go without saying, but this is only to be used in the most informal of situations.

Never use this with anyone that you should show respect. Merde pour ton examen — Good luck on your exam. If the context is already clear then you can simply say merde. Bon courage! Good luck! As with many of the other expressions on this list je croise les doigts can be used by itself if the context allows it or can be placed in a more complete sentence. If there is anything made of wood nearby people will luckk touch it while saying je touche du boisotherwise they will just touch their head.

This one is an expression that is said to come from the North of France and is for the most part an equivalent to je touche du bois. Although the meaning remains the same you may see this one used in others forms including je touche de la peau de singeje touche du singe and even je touche une peau de singe.

Just use this one as you would use je touche du bois. Sometimes people even use both and say je touche du bois et de la peau de singe.

This may very well be the most formal way of wishing someone luck on this list. Que votre vie soit remplie de bonheur — May your life be filled with happiness essentially wishing for someone to have happiness in their life.

The only other thing that should really be brought up about this one is that the verb that comes after Que must be in the subjunctive tense. Chanceux can also be used to describe someone.

Some people believe that certain things such as objects can bring them luck. Usually an object that brings someone good luck is known as un porte-bonheur a good luck charm. How to write an acceptance letter for a job offer casquette me porte chance — My cap brings me luck.

Son bracelet lui porte chance — His bracelet brings him luck. Hopefully you can now go out and use it on your own. Learning French can be a fun experience.

Mimic Method. Assimil French. Rosetta Stone. Hunter Van Ry, the owner of Frenchplanations. He created Frenchplanations as a way to help others how to default on a mortgage their French with easy-to-understand explanations. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Using Je vous souhaite bonne chance to wish someone good luck in french. Using Merde to wish good luck in French.

Using bon courage to gkod good luck in French. Using je croise les doigts to wish good luck. Using Yood touche du bois to wish good luck frejch french. Using je touche la peau du singe to wish good luck in french.

Using Que to wish good luck in french. Using J'ai de la chance to say I'm lucky. Recommended French-Learning Products. Lucm Rosetta Stone. How to Say Yes in French. How to Say Hello in French. Search for:. Login with Facebook Login with Google.

How to say good luck in French translation

A: J'espere vous voir bientot. (human translation) Q: How to say Let me know when you'll return home. in French? A: Dites-moi quand vous allez retourner chez vous. (human translation) Q: How to say Sweet dreams, Timmy. in French? noun. 1. (= good fortune) chance f. She hasn’t had much luck. Elle n’a pas eu beaucoup de chance. I couldn’t believe my luck. Je n’en revenais pas d’avoir autant de chance. to be in luck avoir de la chance. to be out of luck ne pas avoir de chance. to have no luck doing sth ne pas reussir a faire qch. 1. (= good fortune) chance f She hasn’t had much luck. Elle n’a pas eu beaucoup de chance. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Access the online course. What do you wish to someone before a job interview? The article below and the associated video will teach you the many ways of saying good luck in French and in which situations. Luck can be the good or the bad things that happen by chance. We all need luck and support in our daily life.

But before, I want to start with the most common expressions to say good luck in French. Click on the following link to listen to our online French courses. French is easy, right?

As you might have noticed, bonne chance and pour often go hand in hand, but pour can be replaced with avec and dans in specific situations. For example:.

Here is one example: Bonne chance dans ta nouvelle vie Good luck in your new life. The other variations with avec and dans are deliberately a little more complicated.

Which brings us back to the list of other common expressions to wish good luck in French. Perhaps you want to sound formal when saying good luck in French.

Here is one example:. Check this example to better understand this expression:. For instance:. This is a familiar way to say good luck in French. Saying merde to wish good luck in French is an informal way of saying good luck. Be aware of when to use this expression.

Most of the time, friends or close family members use this expression in their everyday French conversation. The story dates back to the 19th century. At that time, French people used to come to the theater in horse-drawn carriages. The success of a piece of theater could then be judged by the amount of merde in front of its venue.

Merde , French may be hard but fun! Many people do cross their fingers while saying this. Be sure to watch the video on how to say good luck in French associated with this lesson.

This expression is used along with the act of touching an object of wood nearby. Otherwise, you would bring bad fortune instead of good luck as per the common superstition. Luck is a very wide topic, besides the many expressions, there are lucky symbols such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, or ladybugs. There are also many luck superstitions around the world and across cultures. French people have their own superstitions related to the number 13, Friday the 13th, the horseshoes upside down, or also the eye contact when saying cheers in French.

For sure, luck plays an important role in our lives. Luck as a vital power in our world is as necessary as it is unavoidable. But learning French is less about luck and more about work and practice. Bonne chance! This expression is more about effort and less about luck. Here is an example:.

Throughout our days, it is possible that we encounter difficult situations. Sorting out stuff with a difficult colleague is not about building future projects. Nothing is exciting about fixing something that went wrong with your neighbors. So if your friends or spouse wish you good luck in such situations, they are acknowledging that the situation is hard and therefore they are wishing good luck.

As we saw, there are many expressions to say good luck in French. Most of these expressions can be used within the conversation such as je touche du bois or bonne chance. Be sure to watch the video to learn more about different ways to say Good Luck in French. To follow more updates, subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram. Saying Good Luck is a very popular question that many French learners ask. This is why I made this list of 20 useful ways to say good luck in French with an example for each expression.

To learn more French expressions, like the alternatives to say good night in French or the best ways to say thank you in French , here is a link to the brief guide to learn useful French expressions.

Luck as a vital power in our life is as necessary as it is unavoidable. For a long time, humans perceived luck as a strange force that is powered by magical rituals and behaviors. It turns out that much of the good and bad fortune is a result of our thoughts and behavior! To read more about luck, check the key to good luck is an open mind. Bonne chance!! And before you go, if you enjoyed the content of this article as well as the video add your answer in the comments to this blog and subscribe to Master Your French on YouTube.

French lessons, videos, and special offers. Updated: March 20, by Mylene in French Expressions. Table of Contents hide. Good luck in French. How to wish good luck in French? Bonne chance pour la suite. Good luck in French What do you wish to someone before a job interview? Wish good luck for a job interview: Bonne chance pour ton entretien Wish good luck for passing a driving license: Bonne chance pour ton permis Wish good luck for a project: Bonne chance pour votre nouveau projet As you might have noticed, bonne chance and pour often go hand in hand, but pour can be replaced with avec and dans in specific situations.

Another example, bonne chance avec ta nouvelle maison is a way to wish good luck in French to someone who bought a new house. Bonne chance vs. For instance: Meilleurs voeux pour votre mariage Best wishes for your wedding. Saying Merde to wish good luck in French This is a familiar way to say good luck in French. Online French Book Club. Learn French. Read Literature. Join our club. About the author. Subscribe to Master Your French. Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox.

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