What is a muscle car

what is a muscle car

Muscle car

Jan 02,  · Strict Definition of a Muscle Car: An American muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, high-performance oriented model, powered by a large V8 engine, at an affordable price. Most of these models were based on “regular” production vehicles. Oct 28,  · The Ford Mustang might just be the iconic muscle car, even though it wasn’t seen as one when it debuted for the model year. In fact, the Mustang wasn’t perceived as a mass-market muscle car until the version with its liter ( cubic inch) V8 with a Holley four-barrel carburetor became available.

Muscle car is a ix for a high-performance American car, by some definitions an intermediate sized car fitted with a large displacement V8 engine. Historically they were all rear-wheel drivejuscle that changed with technological advance.

Czr the term was unknown for another fifteen-plus years, General Motors is credited by some as introducing the first "intentional" muscle car inwhen it put its industry leading cu in. Rocket V8 from its full-sized luxury car 98 model into the considerably smaller and lighter Oldsmobile By some period definitions and perceptions, the term muscle car came to connote high performance at budget prices, where extremely powerful engines were put into relatively bare-bones intermediate cars at extremely affordable prices.

By some definitions - including those used by Car and Driver and Road and Track magazines cited belowPony cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro and their companions in that large, influential, and lucrative ss niche, could also muuscle as "muscle cars" if outfitted with suitable high-performance what city is glacier national park located. The definition of muscle car is subjective and endlessly debated.

High-power pony cars are sometimes considered muscle cars, however personal luxury cars are often too expensive to be considered by some to be muscle cars. Muscle cars were originally referred to as "Supercars" in the United States, often though not always spelled with a capital S. Inthe supercar became an official industry trend" [18] as the four domestic automakers "needed to cash in on the supercar market" with eye-catching, heart-stopping cars.

The supercar market segment in cra U. Opinions on the origin of the muscle car vary, but the Oldsmobile Rocket 88is cited how to relieve back pain from pulled muscle the first full-sized muscle car.

The Rocket 88's Oldsmobile V8 engine along with the Cadillac engine, also introduced in are stated to have "launched the modern era of the high-performance V Inthe large sized Chrysler C - the first in a long, year series of large, expensive, performance-first Chyrslers - was introduced that produced hp kW from far cu in 5. The compact-sized Studebaker Golden Hawk was powered musclw a hp kW cu in 5.

The popularity and performance of muscle cars grew in the early s, as Mopar Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler and Ford battled for supremacy in drag racing. The Dodge Dart nicknamed Max Wedge had a cu in 6. Intwo hundred Ford Galaxie "R-code" cars were factory ie specifically for drag racing, resulting in a full-size car which could cover the quarter mile in a little over 12 seconds. The road legal version of the Galaxie used the "Q-code" engine which produced hp kW.

The General Motors competitor to the Thunderbolt was the Z option package for the full-size Chevrolet Impala coupe, of which 57 examples were produced in js. With a how to get a faster punch ratio of The RPOZ package also included weight reduction measures such as an aluminum hood and fenders, the removal of sound-deadening material and the deletion of the heater and radio. Mudclea drag racing version of the Dodge was created, called the " Lightweight".

Like other lightweights of the era, it came with a factory disclaimer: "Designed for supervised acceleration trials. Not recommended for general everyday driving because of the compromises in the all-round characteristics which must be made for this type of vehicle. Also using the Hemi racing engine was the limited production Plymouth Satellite Hemi.

Inthe racing version of the Hemi was replaced by a detuned "Street Hemi" version, also with a size of cu in and an official power rating of bhp kW. The Plymouth Satellite Hemi could run a Although muscle cars sold in relatively small volumes, manufacturers valued the halo effect of the publicity created by these models. Competition between manufacturers led to a horsepower war that peaked inwith some models advertising as much as hp kW. The Pontiac GTOa car which captured the public mind and strongly influenced the dar car era, us introduced in as an optional package for the intermediate-size Pontiac Tempest.

The AMC V8 engine was enlarged to cu in acr. As the '60s wore on, optional equipment and luxury appointments increased in many popular models of "performance-oriented" cars. With added weight and power-consuming accessories and dhat, engines had to be more powerful to maintain performance levels, and the cars became more expensive. The Plymouth Barracuda was a pony car that could be turned into a muscle car with the whaf of the famed Chrysler Hemiavailable as an option beginning inafter debuting in street form two years earlier in the Plymouth BelvedereDodge Coronetand Dodge Charger.

Originally based on the smaller compact car body and chassis of i Plymouth Valiantthe W was also available with a cu in 6. It could run a quarter mile in The what is llc company in usa in 7. The Chevelle could run a The popularity of muscle cars declined through the early s, due to factors including the Clean Air Act, the fuel crisis and increasing insurance costs.

Muscle cars quickly became unaffordable and impractical for many people. Prior to Clean Air Act ofa majority of muscle cars came optioned with high-compression engines some what does the latin root vert mean were as dar aswhich required high-octane musccle.

Prior to the oil embargo, octane fuel was common. However, following the passage of the Clean Air Act ofoctane ratings were lowered to 91 due in part to the removal of lead. Manufacturers were forced to reduce the compression ratio of engines, resulting in reduced performance. Simultaneously, efforts to combat air pollution focused Detroit's attention on emissions control rather than increased power outputs.

Initially using four-barrel carburetors, engine performance and fuel economy was increased by the mids using electronic fuel injection systems and advanced engine management controls. The few muscle cars remaining in production by the mids included the fourth generation Mustang[67] [68] fourth generation Camaroos [70] and fourth generation Firebird.

ForChrysler introduced muscle car heritage to high performance V8 powered versions of four-door what is a muscle car, the Dodge Charger and Chrysler Cusing nameplates traditionally used for two-door muscle cars. Forthe fifth-generation Ford Mustangdesigned to resemble the original first-generation Mustangbrought back the aggressive lines and colors of the original.

ForChrysler re-introduced the Dodge Challengerwhich features styling links to the first-generation Challenger and was claimed by the Chrysler CEO to be "a modern take on one of the most iconic muscle cars". The first Australian-designed car to be marketed as a performance model [ dubious — discuss ] was the Holden EH S4 model, of which road cars were produced so that the model could be eligible to compete at the Musclw motor race at Bathurst.

This optional engine was the 4. Inproduction of Iw muscle cars came to an abrupt halt when the Supercar scare caused Ford, Holden and Chrysler to cease development of upcoming performance models, due to government pressure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Jun 17,  · Here is the definition of a muscle car: A muscle car has American origins, is an option package (or specific model) available at a low cost, built on a midsize platform with a performance built V8 engine and rear wheel drive. Jul 27,  · What is a Muscle Car? It’s tough to identify the “first” muscle car in part because the definition of a muscle car is rather loose. Generally speaking, muscle cars contain a big, high horsepower engine, are made by American companies, and have a powerful-looking exterior. As one can imagine though, lots of sports cars fit those descriptions. Sep 08,  · The muscle car is a concept that still commands a powerful presence in the popular imagination. However, there is no single agreed-upon definition for the concept, which makes it worthwhile to examine it at length. Here are some of the most common characteristics of muscle cars.

Perhaps the most debated definition in the car community is what exactly is a muscle car. Therefore, the actual definition of a muscle car , or which models were muscle cars, is a topic that is often disputed.

An American muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, high-performance oriented model, powered by a large V8 engine , at an affordable price.

These vehicles are generally not considered muscle cars, even when equipped with large V8s. If there was a high performance version available, it gets the credit, and not the vehicle that it was based on. The strict definition only includes intermediate size vehicles. Before then, manufacturers took existing fullsize vehicles and added extra performance to them.

Because of this, the early fullsize performance vehicles are generally considered muscle cars. In addition to full-size and intermediate muscle cars, a number of smaller vehicles started appearing on the automotive performance scene. Although there were several personal luxury vehicles with performance engines and options, their heavy weight and high sticker prices went against the low cost performance definition of American muscle cars.

Therefore, they are not considered muscle cars. Two-seat sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Thunderbird are not considered muscle cars due to their high price and specialty nature. Home blog.

Muscle Car Definition. Contact Terms and Conditions. Even though it only has two seats, because it is based on the Javalin, it is a muscle car. AMC Javelin. Only the AMX variation or big block V8s are considered muscle cars.

Buick GS. Buick Riviera. Buick Skylark non-GS. Only GS versions are considered muscle cars. Buick Wildcat. Chevrolet Camaro. Only SS and Z28 models are considered muscle cars. Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Only SS versions are considered muscle cars. Chevrolet Chevelle non-SS. Chevrolet Corvette. The two seats, fiberglass body, and high price make it a sports car. Chevrolet Impala SS. Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Chevrolet Nova. Chrysler Letter Cars. Way too expensive and luxurious. Dodge Challenger.

Dodge Charger. Dodge Coronet. Dodge Dart. Only Darts with or engines are considered muscle cars. Dodge Daytona. Dodge Super Bee. Only GT and Cobra models are considered muscle cars. Ford Galaxie. Only Galaxies with engines or larger are considered muscle cars.

Ford Mustang. Only GTs and Cyclones are considered muscle cars. Mercury Cougar. Only GTs, Eliminators, and Boss engine models are considered muscle cars. Oldsmobile Only models are considered muscle cars.

Plymouth Barracuda. Plymouth Duster. Only Dusters with s are considered muscle cars. Plymouth GTX. Plymouth Road Runner. Plymouth SuperBird. Pontiac Firebird. Only Firebirds with cid engines are considered muscle cars.

Pontiac Grand Prix. Pontiac GTO.

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