What is a mini face lift

what is a mini face lift

Mini Facelift: A Small Procedure with Big Results

Mar 20,  · The mini-lift is a facelift surgery technique that uses shorter incisions than traditional facelift techniques and thus is less invasive. During the procedure, small incisions are made under the cover of the hair line and around the ears. A mini-facelift, intended to target the neck and lower two-thirds of the face, repositions the skin to remove sagginess and wrinkling. Results are quickly evident and natural, revealing smoother, more youthful facial contours and skin.

In the war on aging, the most powerful treatment option for significantly reversing the signs of facial aging is facelift surgery. A facelift is a surgical procedure that makes the face tighter and more youthful appearing by surgically manipulating the facial skin and underlying muscle.

A facelift can correct even the most severe wrinkles and sagging skin. There are many different types of facelift procedures that vary in terms of their degree of invasiveness and types of results they provide. One popular facelift technique is the mini facelift. Read on to learn how this technique varies from traditional facelift surgery. The mini-lift is a facelift surgery technique that uses shorter incisions than traditional facelift techniques and thus is less invasive.

During the procedure, small incisions are made under the cover of the hair line and around the ears. These incisions allow the surgeon to tighten the skin and remove excess tissue, improving the appearance of the jowls and neck. Quicker Recovery Time: One of the main benefits of a mini facelift is that it requires a shorter recovery time. While traditional facelift patients may need weeks to recover from a facelift, mini facelifts only require days.

The sutures are generally removed around 7 days post-operatively as is also the case with traditional face lifts. Less Pain: Since mini facelifts are less invasive, the amount of post-procedure pain or discomfort most patients feel is minimal. Light bruising or swelling may be common, but it is significantly less than what occurs after a full facelift and usually resolves over several weeks. Twilight Anesthesia: Unlike a traditional facelift which sometimes require general anesthesia, mini facelifts can usually be performed using a combination of twilight sedation and a local anesthetic.

Twilight anesthesia reduces the chances of patients experiencing anesthesia-based risks and side effects like nausea or vomiting.

Lower Cost: Since mini facelifts what is a mini face lift less complicated, shorter in duration, and do not require general anesthesia, cost factors such as surgeon fees she knows what she wants facility costs are lower. This makes the total cost of a mini facelift less than a traditional facelift. Shorter lasting results: Facelift techniques that are more invasive typically have results that last longer.

Likewise, the results achieved by a mini facelift often last much shorter than that of a full facelift. If mini facelift patients maintain a healthy lifestyle after their procedure they can typically expect their results how to scan a document and attach to email last anywhere from two to six years while full facelift results can last a decade or longer.

Results are less dramatic: Due to its less invasive nature, mini facelifts often yield a less dramatic result than a traditional facelift. The mini facelift technique is ideal for addressing light to moderate aging of the face which is why it is usually recommended for younger patients who are just beginning to show signs of facial aging.

Patients with more severe aging symptoms i. Mini facelifts also do not give significant improvement in the neck. If significant laxity is present in the neck or area below the chin, a traditional facelift with neck lift is a more appropriate treatment option.

Craven specializes in the full spectrum of cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation, liposuction and body contouring, facial rejuvenation, laser surgery, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty, as well as reconstructive surgery for skin cancers. I like how you mentioned that a mini-facelift has a quick recovery time. This will be important since my mom is really busy and has a lot to do. Best wishes to you with your procedure!

So mini facelifts are less complicated but the results last for less time? Is that the bottom line? Mini facelifts are less invasive so recovery is shorter. However with that lower invasive level comes less dramatic results.

This is the reason why candidates for mini facelifts are patients with less severe aging symptoms. Patients who have severe sagging, wrinkling, etc. They will be able to determine what is the best course of treatment given your specific desired end result. Hello, I am interested in the mini facelift. What is the price of this procedure? Thanks Angelica. How long do the results last? I would like to book a consultation. Where are you located.

I live ijn Boca Raton. Thanks for reading our post! Were located in central Texas with 9 locations in the Austin metro and surrounding areas. If you still feel like coming in please give us a call at We can setup a free consultation where we can provide you the best treatment options for your specific goals, along with detailed pricing.

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How Much Does a Mini Facelift Cost?

Treatments and Procedures: Facelift and Mini-Facelift A face-lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that lifts and tightens sagging skin on the face and neck to create a smoother and more youthful appearance. A miniface-lift is a modified version of the procedure with a smaller incision and less cutting of underlying tissue. What is a mini facelift? The term mini lift typically refers to a lower facelift, or cheek lift, sometimes done in combination with a mini neck lift. This plastic surgery procedure is often referred to as a “short scar facelift,” and the spe. A mini facelift is a less invasive than a standard facelift, requires smaller incisions, has a shorter recovery period and can correct early signs of aging.

There is a reason that year after year people continue to consider, explore and schedule facelifts : They work wonders!

However cosmetic plastic surgery is still surgery and requires thoughtful and realistic consideration. The advanced mini facelifts that Dr. Brent Smith performs are medical procedures that require manipulating skin tissue and muscle. Smith create. This is surgery. If you have ever had surgery on another part of your body you know that healing takes time. But the payoff, especially for an elective surgery such as a min facelift, is profound. As professionals at Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we do everything in our power to describe the facelift recovery process and support people through each stage.

Yet we find that patients are always surprised by some of the realities they encounter after a mini facelift. First of all no one looks like their everyday self with a compression bandage wrapped around their head.

However this is a necessary step directly following a facelift. After making incisions and manipulating muscles to help you look younger, Dr. Smith must help decrease initial swelling around the face by applying gentle pressure with a head wrap. Just let the first 72 hours be what they are designed to be: a time to be good to yourself while you begin the powerful healing process. We ask patients to think about their recovery time in weeks as well as months.

Your new, younger-looking facial features emerge in the first two to three weeks, but this is still the big push in your recovery process. Everything is more dramatic during the first few weeks, but the true beauty of your new look will continue to reveal itself over time. This is why Dr. Smith follows you closely over a period of 6 months to a year. In fact, you can look forward to seeing long-lasting refinements coming to light on the face for up to six months following a facelift—and beyond.

Healing will continue, and the true artistry of the facelift will be revealed slowly over many months following surgery. Whether you choose to have a surgical procedure to enhance your physical features or you are forced to have a medical procedure due to injury or an ailment, the emotions that come along for the ride are very real.

We can promise you that everyone—men and women of all ages—experiences a predictable mix of natural emotions before and after a mini facelift. A facelift is a life-altering experience, ultimately for the good, but we must all expect that with any change in life come raw feelings excitement, fear, doubt, confusion, joy, etc. Every day we help patients through each step of this emotional and joyous journey. During the first 72 hours after a facelift most people look—and feel—like they just had surgery.

Makes sense, right? However, as the bulk of swelling subsides within the first week and as we start to see the natural contours of our face emerge, a renewed sense of hope and excitement also emerges.

After an initial and very normal post-surgery emotional dip, most patients see the pendulum swing back the other way by week two or three, when they start to recognize themselves and begin to imagine the full effects that will continue to emerge and come to light each day for the next several months. We can speed our bodies along the recovery trajectory by taking a smart mix of natural vitamins and antioxidants. Smith Cosmetic Surgery sends each patient home with a comprehensive one-month supplement supply designed to support healing, promote healthy immune system function and balance the natural inflammatory response.

It contains all kinds of known recovery aids, including vitamin A and C to promote healing; selenium, bioflavonoids and other antioxidants to deactivate free-radicals; bromelain and quercetin to balance the inflammatory response; a B-complex morning formula for sustained energy levels; and a mineral-intensive evening formula to promote rest in the evening.

The Smith Cosmetic Surgery team always prepares patients for this normal healing response, but it remains something that always surprises people recovering from a mini facelift. Smith makes incisions in and around the ear in order to lift the muscles of the face.

We encourage patients to stay calm: All of this is internal. Smith performs facelifts exclusively on men and women in a variety of life stages. That means when Dr. Each facelift healing process and outcome is as unique as each person. After decades in the art of helping people prepare, undergo and heal from mini facelifts, the results continue to astound. Ready to talk through the realities of getting a mini facelift? We will walk you through every step and support you, inside and out, on the journey to a beautiful new you.

Skip to content There is a reason that year after year people continue to consider, explore and schedule facelifts : They work wonders! Real, raw emotions come along with any surgery. Your mental state is deeply tied to each stage of physical healing. Our healing supplements will help you along. We all recover, but how we heal depends on age and genetic makeup. The Importance of Surgical Safety.

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