What is a ledger line

what is a ledger line

General Ledger Definition

A ledger line or leger line is used in Western musical notation to notate pitches above or below the lines and spaces of the regular musical staff. A line slightly longer than the note head is drawn parallel to the staff, above or below, spaced at the same distance as the lines within the staff. Definition of ledger line.: a short line added above or below a musical staff to extend its range.

What they all have in common is that the line lays close the bottom, how to do business in bite is indicated at the rod, and single weight is used. Ledger fishing is better for catching bigger fish than a float. I am not saying you can never catch a big fish with a float, what I am saying is that you can exclude small fish when ledgering.

For example, ledgering is better for fishing a bait that is too big for tiddlers to handle. Floats can get difficult to see beyond about 30 yards. With ledgering, a bite is indicated at the rod. Even if the bait is yards away, the how to get rid of black fly on houseplants is still right next to you and bites are clearly seen.

Bigger hooks, stronger line, further casts are all element of ledger fishing that make it more suited to catching big fish. Despite what I have just said, the ledger is not exclusively a big fish method, it can be scaled down to catch medium and small fish too. For the pleasure angler on a mixed fishery, light ledger fishing can be very effective. The ledger is the weight attached to the line. It helps to cast out and hold the bait static on the bottom.

The ledger weight can be free to slide up and down the line, or may be semi fixed, it all depends on how you are fishing. Rigs where the ledger weight freely runs on the line are collectively called running rigs. When a fish takes the bait and moves off with it, the line will pull through the ledger weight causing an indication at the rod.

What do the symbols on the statue of liberty mean angler must watch for an indication the whole time the rig is in the water. Running rigs are most associated with river fishing, but are equally at home on still waters.

Semi fixed rigs hold the ledger weight in one place on the line, but can release the weight under certain circumstances. The most important reason for the weight to release, is if the main line breaks or is cut while a fish is hooked. We must avoid any circumstance where a hooked fish is tethered to a length of broken line, that has a ledger weight tied to it. A fish cannot swim or feed properly dragging a ledger weigh behind it, eventually the fish will die. Be aware that fisheries do not allow anglers to fish with rigs where the ledger weight is tied to the line.

There are usually far fewer big fish than small in any given water. Trying to catch only the better fish can leave the angler with long periods of time between runs. It can be difficult to concentrate on the rod for hours waiting for a bite. The self hooking rig solves this problem by hooking the fish for you. There are three main methods to indicate a bite, touch ledgering, a quiver tip rod and a bobbin with an alarm. Touch ledgering is a traditional method of bite detection, which is the most sensitive and perhaps the most exciting.

With the line tight to the rig, hold the line in your fingers to feel for any pulls from a taking fish. This method is ideal for roving on a river, as it requires minimal equipment. A quiver tip rod has a soft flexible top section, designed to quiver and twitch as a fish bites. The rod is held in rod rests with the line tight to the rig. As soon as a fish touches the bait, the tip of the rod will move indicating a bite.

The quiver tip can be used to detect delicate bites, even when the bait is way out in the lake. Quiver tip rods are frequently used with self hooking rigs, but expect an explosive bite that can pull the rod in to the lake if you are not paying attention. A bobbin clips onto the line how to create an album the reel and the first ring of the rod. A fish taking the bait will cause the bobbin to react. Bobbins are often used in conjunction with an electronic bite alarm, which will sound if the line is pulled.

A bobbin setup is mainly used by specimen Carp anglers, although similar systems are used for Pike and other specimen fish. There is a large range of materials available to tie a hook length, nylon and braid being the most common.

Carp rigs are commonly self hooking with a short hook length and a hair rig. There are many variations on this theme and much time can be wasted trying to decide which to use. Typically the hook lengths are longer than those used for Carp fishing and made of nylon. Excepting hard pellets, hook baits are mounted on the hook in the traditional way. Fishing for Roach, Bream and Chub come to mind when I think of running rigs.

Ledger fishing may not be as obvious, or as easy to understand as float fishing, but it is a very effective method. Ledgering allows you to cast further and still be able to see a delicate bite. It can offer a static bait even in a river. But also, self hooking systems have revolutionised specimen fishing, opening it up to everyone. In my opinion, ledgering has now matured, learning to use both running and self hooking rigs will be time well spent.

Between the two you will be able to catch any species of fish, in ponds, lakes, stream and rivers, whenever the fish are biting. The related links below will take you to more detailed articles on ledger fishing, best of luck.

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Ledger line definition, a short line added when necessary above or below the staff to increase the range of the staff. See more. Ledger lines (sometimes spelled ‘leger’) are those little lines with notes on them that appear above or below a musical staff: Let’s take a closer look at what they are, why we need them, and how they’re used in reading and writing notes. Jan 28,  · Ledger lines are super simple. They are the little lines that go above or below the staff. Each staff (treble and bass) has 5 lines and 4 spaces. But we know the keyboard has a lot more notes than that, so ledger lines are used to show notes that go beyond the staff.

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Top Definitions Quizzes Examples British ledger line. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Also leger line. Also called added line. Set some time apart to test your bracket symbol knowledge, and see if you can keep your parentheses, squares, curlies, and angles all straight! Origin of ledger line — for def. Words nearby ledger line lederhosen , ledge , ledger , ledger beam , ledger board , ledger line , ledger paper , ledger plate , ledger strip , ledgy , Ledoux.

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