What happened to trey on the russ martin show

what happened to trey on the russ martin show

Russ Martin Is Back, Sans J.D. Ryan

Trey probably took the offer without telling/asking Russ. I do know that Trey "quit" doing VO work from his Facebook, but I hear his voice in new ads so i'm guessing it wasn't a full time thing. At any rate I prefer the show more now without him. Hearing his half researched and reactionary views on politics and pop culture was a drag. Mar 01,  · In , Russ returned to radio for The Eagle , this time to host The Russ Martin Show. He was accompanied by former radio co-hosts Dan O'Malley, Trey Trenholm, Clo Raborn and Everett Newton. Notably missing was former co-host J.D. Ryan, with whom he had a falling out in

Many radio personalities maintain long careers in the field, and Russ Martin was no exception. The Top radio host of On Feb. Russ' long career was briefly broken up when his station at the time, Live After he was dropped from Live Russ filled his time by working on an independent film about a small town police department. InRuss returned to radio for The Eagle Notably missing was former co-host J. Ryan, with whom he had a falling out in Unfortunately, Russ' career came to a close when he was discovered unresponsive in his home on Feb.

It was revealed that a friend went to check on him that evening, and police pronounced Russ dead at a. His cause of death is not currently determined, but police say foul play was not suspected. During a broadcast on Martih Eagle the next day, fans and hosts alike paid tribute to their friend.

Hapepned pic. Following the broadcast, Dan O'Malley mentioned that those who were closest to Russ were saddened by the news but not entirely unsurprised, hinting at larger health issues that might have led to Russ' early demise.

We lost a dear friend today, Russ Martin. Russ and his team were always so generous to us at Paws In The City. They supported our cause with donations and tfey out a segment of the show every Friday where a couple of our adoptable dogs were featured. Russ founded The How to data transfer on ps3 Martin Listeners Foundation in to support the families of Dallas-Fort Worth police officers and firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty.

It should be noted that Russ was a polarizing host, and prior to a notable feud with former co-host J. Russ later pleaded no contest to the chargesand the couple went their separate ways. It sounds like while Russ may not have always been the easiest person to get along with, his charitable achievements have been appreciated in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

Russ will be missed by family, friends how to get dsl connection fans. If you would like to show your support, donations are encouraged to go to The Russ Martin Listeners Foundation. Distractify is a registered shlw. All Rights Reserved.

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Was Shakespeare Gay?

What happened to Russ Martin?

The Russ Martin Show. 57, likes · 19 talking about this. Back at home on The Eagle. Jul 06,  · Martin will return to his station of old, The Eagle, on Monday with his former playmates Trey Trenholm, Dan O'Malley, Clo Raborn and Everett Newton. Missing is . Oct 19,  · Martin and his cast of colorful colleagues was taken off the air without notice December 8th, just as his immensely popular Russ Martin Show was to .

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Russ got mad at him for something and he just left. We ran into him one night at uptown pub and he hung out with us for a while. Even after a few buckets of beer we couldn't get him to tell us what exactly happened. It's butter after 17 seconds. I had some pretty good toast today, not min worth, my toaster auto popped at and just went with that. It was delicious though. Questions about the butter.

Salted, unsalted? How long out of the fridge for softness? What about the margarine? Need more research, but for now here's this. Yeah, I think he disappeared sometime in January of I may have the year wrong, but I think that was it. I started trying to go back and listen to those shows at one point to see if it was a fight that occurred on air, but never finished looking.

IIRC it was They had their Christmas break in and come the new year Trey was gone. There was no mention of him during that first show. Ah, ok. I really wish there had been some explanation. Yesterday on the show, Russ revealed the recipe for perfect toast, except for step 4.

He wouldn't say it on the air, but a few people who called in were supposedly told what step 4 was off air. I'm pretty sure he's just trolling everyone, but it was funny as hell watching people freak out on social media over TOAST. An Uber driver called in and said her fare asked her to drive around for 20 minutes so they could listen to the show longer and find out what step 4 was.

So I said screw it, hoping to find out later. What bar does trey own? Uptown pub? I googled Trey and recognize the pic and have met him there and I think he's a manager, but not an owner. I listen to RM and never made that connection. Ivy was me and my gf's regular bar before she moved away from that area. So, it's not a gay bar? I thought it was a gay bar. It used to be a gay bar, then became a big girl bar called Kitty's, now it's more of a neighborhood pub.

I was in there out of curiosity a few months ago. Maybe because its still new. We just ran into him at Uptown Pub, I don't know if he owns it.

I feel he was just trolling and never eat toast so I didn't stay tuned in. Funny that it did work on so many though. I missed it Friday so I'm glad they played the clip, but I kept having to hit my brakes in traffic from laughing. So, when they came over from So, the returning crew was Russ, Dan, Trey, Clo, and Alfie mostly on the phones, though he still contributes.

Since then, they've also added their intern Kenzie I have no idea how she spells it. She started in the first month or two of and appears a few days every week. Regular guests are Everett, Dr. Thornton, and Johnny again, I have no idea how she spells it the chick who used to appear for Operation Kindness and now Paws in the City. Big Stacy calls in every once in a while and a couple months ago Big Gay Steven called in for the first time in several years.

Billy the Kid has filled in a couple times this year, but that's most of the regular cast unless I'm forgetting someone. Up until I started grad school, I was listening to the entire show. Back when they were at CBS, I would listen to the show in the afternoon and fall asleep listening to the repeat.

Dan Lewis is still the punching bag. Every once in a while someone will call or email where he's working now and we'll get a couple of days of mockery, including Everett's impersonation.

I think Russ recently said that at this point Dan doesn't even use his real name on air anymore because so many people are reporting back to Russ. Thanks for the update. I'd forgotten about Dan and JD. Wow, I don't think she's been on since at least when they were still on Same thing with Katana. I just remembered though, that Rob the old producer is indirectly mentioned every once in a while because he is still in contact with Russ.

He now does the apocalypse survival prepping stuff. He did appear on the Halloween Special this past year. The only person I really miss from the The Observer article in question. Trey isn't on the show any longer. And Johnny doesn't come on the show either it's some other guy with Paws in the City.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Trey has since left the show. Is Johnny not coming at all anymore? I generally don't catch the end of the shows on Friday anymore since I go climbing, so I hadn't realized that. Haven't heard from her in years. Yeah, that last name sounds familiar now. Explains why she's apparently not coming on the show anymore. I remember when she left Operation Kindness.

I think Russ was miffed, but I didn't realize she had left Paws in the City as well. I only listened until around 5 because my headset ran out of charge while I was still at work, but I'm guessing not. I only remember the station really doing thing on the anniversary once, maybe twice. You don't think it would have anything to do with all the shit that went down with Mandy back in the day? This needs to happen. Reditors have done more in the past. We should be able to pull this off.

Best bet would be emailing Dan or maybe Alfie about it. I've heard them talk about reddit many times. Why bother emailing?

Alfie and Clo pull at least half their topics from reddit. The safe bet would be that they see this conversation.

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