What happened to michael baisden show

what happened to michael baisden show

The Michael Baisden Show is Out at 96.3 WHUR

Dec 17,  · December 17, 1 Michael Baisden is leaving radio at the end of the year. He will discontinue syndication of his daily show on the Sun Broadcast Group. Michael Baisden is Done with Radio, Ending His Show at Year's End, The New Jeff Foxx Show Will Pick Up His Stations in Urban Radio Nation jeff foxx, Michael Baisden, syndicated radio Michael Baisden is calling it quits as far as radio goes. [See his full statement below].

I really hate it when changes are made and you give the listners no explanation as to what happen. I agree. It would be great if you had your own company and could avoid this yo-yo what color is red and green mixed together. Don't worry Michael, I will tune these Atlanta stations out and I will listen to you on the baisden app. I'm tired of the slapstick buffoonery and choose to be treated like I have a brain.

I guess their masters didn't want all of that get out to vote stuff so close to an election. You are likely right about that. Corporate citizens can't tolerate an educated public. Bye bye. This was an adult show which I enjoyed. I'm not feeling Donnie too boring. I loved listening to that show on my drive home from work. Why no explanation. That is a disappointment. I always looked forward to listening. You have lost me in the afternoons for sure. Thanks WHUR!

I have no idea why you brought Michael Baisden back in the first place. His show had not evovled since you first dropped him. Same lame topics discussed!

Bravo Bravo! Now I don't have to change the station after the Midday Show. Just breezed by while in traffic and realized he was gone- now I can reset the station back.

Wasn't a fan! I agree with Anonymous and Unknown, I could't understand why thy bought him back. Same platform nothing new. Except if this is possible at all he was even more chauvinist!! Disappointed once again. Howard is Republican school and this close to election time Donnie Simpson will be 1 how to pick the right sunglasses for your face no competation.

I think they should put D. Hughley show on. He took Baisden's slot on majic I have to listen to it on the app. WHUR should pick it up. Bring in DL Hughley. I don't agree with how they handled it, but I'm glad he's gone! He was so irritating to listen to, he always talked over people and was so arrogant. I am so disappointed the show was very informative it should be back on the air. I enjoyed the Michael Baisden show, and immediately realized he how to make a pokemon card no longer on air.

I searched the Internet for some explanation some weeks ago 21 Octoberbut found no explanation. What a shame Baisden made for good radio, and is aware or "woke" as the children say now, like they invented "wokeness".

We all need to teach the children. What happen to Michael Baisden show. We loved his topics. Good time listen on way home No explanation no nothing. L Hugley. Time for new platforms. We hate the hang suite. Is this what they call Ghosting?? A little warning would've been nice. After a long day at work I can appreciate a little adult dialogue and laughter. I can't go back to boring radio. I just can't. I'll listen to my own playlist and "The Daily Drum" on the ride home. Glad Baisden is gone. DL Hughley is much better.

I agree with previous commenter. Sack Steve Harvey show also. It was time for change Michael Baisdon show was too negative and in my opinion kept black people stuck. He offered no solutions didn't what to wear to barre to approach situation serious enough Michael What is jnana yoga in hinduism was a great show.

I wish you would have done a survey of what your listeners wanted. Please bring him back!!!!!!!!! He was great for the community!!!!! I guess it's Willie Mo for me Now!!!!!!! Stop disrespecting your listeners by making changes without any explanation. I like that show. It's business. If the show is loosing ratings or if it's just plain crap it's off the air.

Exercise your right to change the station or not! You definitely lost another listener. You've brought back drab, plain ole radio. We need a show that will keep us abreast of the things that the typical media don't speak on much. One who will be candid about issues that affect us, and who's not scared to voice his opinion.

Yes, he walked the line a bit with certain subject matter, but typically kept it real! He brought political issues, racial issues, relationship issues and other topics of substance to the forefront like NO other host!!

No disrespect to your current host but for this time slot, you've digressed! It is coincidental that they took him off after the fundraiser. Surely had they done it what happened to michael baisden show they knew donations would be low. I looked forward to hearing their voice daily, now it hurts. I'll now listen to my playlist and I'll regret not being informed and educated by two Brother's who lifted my spirits daily.

Sure, i'm surprised too he is gone. I enjoyed most of the subject matter although not so much the music. This is horrible! I loved listening to the show in the afternoons. WHUR is so boring now in the afternoon. Will be listening to Donnie now. I liked the show more this 2nd time. I did like Tony, Mo and George better. I miss it but still listen to whur.

I didn't listen daily so of course I noticed weeks later he was gone. The time I spend commuting is brief so not listening much to live radio, prefer Spotify where I can listen to what I want. I listened to Michael on my long drive home from work. I just realized some boring guy was on and Googled it. I think Michael was too vocal about getting us out to vote and against Trump.

Shane on WHUR. That's likely what happened, uninformed public is preferred.

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To My Radio Family: The Michael Baisden Show Has Officially Been Cancelled! We were unable to reach an agreement with our syndication partner Cumulus Media. This was not a hostile situation, sometimes parties have different ideas and visions about how to move forward. So, there is no need for petitions and boycotts. Jul 31,  · July 31, Nationally syndicated afternoon radio host Michael Baisden is leaving radio and not entirely of his own volition, reports The Atlanta Journal Consti*ution/AccessAtlanta. Baisden, heard locally on Majic /, reported this information via Twitter yesterday morning. His final day was supposed to be Friday, March Due to contract disputes between Michael Baisden and his nationally syndicated distribution company, “The Michael Baisden Show” will no longer be heard on Jammin’ or any other radio station across the country. Friday, March 29 is the last day of broadcast. We want to thank Michael for the time he was on Jammin’

The show airs weekday afternoons. The show was previously syndicated by Cumulus Media and was heard in over 78 media markets nationwide with over 8 million listeners daily. His media career began when he left his job driving trains in Chicago to self-publish Never Satisfied , and began touring the country selling books out of the trunk of his car.

Baisden is a NY Times best-selling author with over 2 million books in print, hosted two national television shows, and has produced three films. Baisden got his start in radio as an unpaid afternoon drive-time host for The show debuted nationally in Baisden's show recently returned to national radio in January The show featured comedian George Willborn and musician Morris Day , who conducted the house band. The Michael Baisden Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to promote literacy and to provide mentors for at-risk youths.

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