What does fam mean in slang

what does fam mean in slang

What Does "Fam" Actually Mean?

Feb 06,  · So a lit fam is the group of your coolest friends. You can use fam on its own, but most of the time people use it in tandem with the phrase "it's lit," saying, "it's lit, fam." This can be used to Author: Rebecca Jane Stokes. Jan 17,  · "Fam," though short for "family," doesn't literally mean your biological relatives; instead, it refers to the people in your life with whom you're particularly close. Your best friends.

How many times what can i do with 1000 pounds you heard someone utter the xoes "It's lit, fam" or "Nah fam," and just sort of rolled your eyes? If you're anything like me, then chances are the answer is roughly Just rounding up, for honesty's sake.

Some folks like to claim that using the word fam and other vernacular that sprang into use around the same time is passed, that the word is dead on arrival, but that's not true at all. Many people what does fam mean in slang the word fam meaning family, which isn't what it actually means. You know how people are always saying that you have two families: the one you're born into and the one you pick? When you talk about your "fam," you're usually talking about that second family.

If you're curious about how the word started to be used this way, you aren't alone. Just like other slang terms used in life and on social media I see you, "lit""fam" isn't used literally. You don't say something is "lit" because it's on fire, you say it's lit because it's cool.

You don't call someone fam because they are necessarily related to you by blood, what is the climate like in the grasslands use it to refer to the people in your life you're the closest to. You can use fam on its own, but most of the time people use it in tandem with the wyat "it's lit," saying, i lit, fam. You can use the word fam in a sentence that is talking about your close friends, like when you are introducing someone new to your friends.

For example, "Leah, meet the fam. Because language changes with timethe definition of fam has continued to evolve. In fact, some people are starting to use "fam" as the exact opposite of its original meaning: as a moniker assigned to people who they don't respect or trust.

Here are some examples of people using the word "fam" in the wild in memes and tweets to help give you a better sense of how slan try out the word yourself. My brother from another mother! So nice working with people you truly. Fam pic. A post shared by Swaggy Salamanders swaggysalamanders. Her work focuses on relationships, pop culture and news. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr.

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What is the definition of 'fam'? It refers to the people you're closest to.

fam. a word use to describe your peoples. ones that you can trust dearly. someone you consider family. "extended" family, sometimes including close friends. All the cats that hang out on this corner are my fam. This is not cool, fam. See more words with the same meaning: abbreviations (list of).

See Today's Synonym. Fam, short for family , is a slang word used for one's close friends —your people. It also has a history of use in urban British slang as well. Fam are usually not parents, siblings, and relatives, but intimate friends you confide in and trust and who always have your back. For instance, your pals on Twitter on may be your Twitter fam. Fam had another big moment in This helped it spread, especially on social media. A typical slang fam usage would be addressing your friends e.

Fam could be one person She is my fam or one hundred dictionary lovers are my fam. Fam is still widely used in Black communities but has since spread into mainstream slang in texting, social media, and speech.

Remember, the more you engage with a post, the more successful it is. Every mention, reply, QT, RT counts as engagement. Fam also often appears in other slang phrases. It can also, of course, be used by itself. This is not meant to be a formal definition of fam like most terms we define on Dictionary.

Previous Word Faith Hilling. Next Word fap. Examples Origin Usage. Slang dictionary fam [ fam ] What does fam mean? Hey fam, you're part of our Dictionary. What's hot. Where does fam come from?

The Times London. TV headline , December, Popular now. Who uses fam? Barber: What you want, bro? Him: You ever ate a panini?

Barber: Say no more fam. Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of fam like most terms we define on Dictionary. Redefine your inbox with Dictionary. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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