What does defeat the purpose mean

what does defeat the purpose mean

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Definition of defeat the purpose of.: to make (something) pointless It would defeat the purpose of having a nice car if you never got to drive it. defeat the purpose. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. defeat the purpose. defeat the purpose to fail to achieve the result you want Anxiety will cause tension, which defeats the purpose of the exercise (=the activity or plan). > purpose Examples from the Corpus defeat the purpose • They are defeating the purpose of the Peace Corps and they are unhappy.

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Defeat-the-purpose Sentence Examples

What does defeat-the-purpose mean? To be against the purpose of something, to nullify the purpose of something. (verb). What does "defeat the purpose" mean? 1. Definition (expr.) make something pointless. Examples Staying in your hotel room the whole time defeats the purpose of traveling to a new country. "To defeat the purpose" means to do something that invalidates what you are trying to achieve. E.g., If I try to learn a language by reading a long and difficult novel before starting with a shorter and easier one, I am defeating the purpose.

If you win a war, fight, game, or contest, you defeat your opponent. Don't say that someone 'wins' an enemy or opponent. In a war or battle, you say that one side defeats the other.

To do better than another in a competition or battle; win victory over; beat: "Whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same" Thomas Paine.

To prevent the success of; thwart: Internal strife defeats the purpose of teamwork. Law a. To frustrate the enforcement of a motion, for example.

To dishearten or dispirit: The last setback defeated her, and she gave up. To be beyond the comprehension of; mystify: How the children found their way back home defeats me. The act of defeating an opponent: the home team's defeat of their rivals.

The state of being defeated; failure to win: the home team's defeat by their rivals. A coming to naught; frustration: the defeat of a lifelong dream. The act of overcoming or frustrating the enforcement of. Synonyms: defeat , beat , conquer , rout 1 , vanquish These verbs mean to triumph over an adversary: defeated the opposing team by fourteen points; beat her competitor in the race for first place; conquered the enemy after a long battle; routed all opposition due to a brilliant strategy; vanquished the marauding army in a surprise attack.

All rights reserved. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc. We won the game easily. The French defeated the English troops. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. To win a victory over, as in battle or a competition: beat , best , conquer , master , overcome , prevail against or over , rout , subdue , subjugate , surmount , triumph over , vanquish , worst.

Idioms: carry the day , get the best of , get the better of , go someone one better. To prevent from accomplishing a purpose: baffle , balk , check , checkmate , foil , frustrate , stymie , thwart.

Idiom: cut the ground from under. The act of defeating or the condition of being defeated: beating , drubbing , overthrow , rout , thrashing , vanquishment. Informal: massacre , trimming , whipping. Slang: dusting , licking. Niederlage besiegen bezwingen. They defeated our team by three goals; We will defeat the enemy eventually. His defeat in the last race depressed him; We suffered yet another defeat. The defeatism of the captain affects the rest of the players.

She is such a defeatist; She has a defeatist attitude to life. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? He was not cast down by this defeat of his plan, for, upon studying the affair carefully, he could not but admit that the objections were very formidable. View in context. By means of these seven considerations I can forecast victory or defeat. We have brains, you and I; and for such as have brains there are no defeats , but only victories.

The twins considered that success in the election would reinstate them, and that defeat would work them irreparable damage. She flashed a sudden look upon him which more than compensated him for his defeat. At least he had earned her respect that day, as a man who knew how to accept defeat gracefully.

All places submitted to the Mahometan, whose insolence increased every day with his power; and nothing after the defeat of the Portuguese was supposed able to put a stop to the progress of his arms.

Our former defeat was due to the fact that the girl Dorothy had a Yellow Hen with her. These associations were practically middle- class affairs, and now, compelled by hard times and crashing markets, and aided by the great captains of industry, they gave organized labor an awful and decisive defeat.

It was an all- powerful alliance, but it was an alliance of the lion and the lamb, as the middle class was soon to learn. Though there was no definite news of an Austrian defeat , there were many circumstances confirming the unfavorable rumors that were afloat, and so Kutuzov's suggestion of an Austrian victory sounded much like irony.

Zeb was greatly astonished at his defeat , and when the pretty Princess joined her people in laughing at him he proposed a boxing-match with the Munchkin, to which the little Ozite readily agreed. It is a catastrophe, a defeat. To be "run ashore" has the littleness, poignancy, and bitterness of human error. Dictionary browser? Full browser?

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