What car battery should i buy

what car battery should i buy

Car Battery Buyers Guide

Mar 04,  · Get to Know the Battery Types Car batteries come in two basic varieties: the more traditional maintenance-free and the more advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM). With proven tough coverage from Duralast, premium performance from Optima and Odyssey, and economical buys from Valucraft, AutoZone has the right car batteries you need to stay on the road. Proven tough Duralast batteries fit most modern makes and models, for everyday driving and performance. They are perfect car batteries for Honda Civic or Ford Mustang battery replacement.

In need of a new car battery? Don't worry, this guide can show you what's what when it comes to watts! If your car won't start, then there may be a problem with your car battery.

This crucial component is responsible for a lot of functions within your car, so you'll need to keep your car battery in good shape. Our buyer's guide will not only help you to find a replacement battery if yours has reached the end of its life, but also help you to make your current battery last as long as possible! If you already know all about car batteries and just need to see which one your car needs, then use our handy car battery lookup tool.

Essentially, a car battery is just a big rechargeable battery that whah your car with electricity used for various jobs. It's a batterry box, sometimes with a coloured top and two connection points called terminals where the battery connects to your car's electrical system. You'll also see a sticker on the side which shows a bit of jargon more on shold latermanufacturer information and most importantly a sticker with the number of years the battery is covered under its guarantee.

Car batteries aren't an optional extra - they do a few critical jobs within the car and you'd be left at a standstill without one! Starting what car battery should i buy when you put your key in the ignition and give it that first half-turn to wake it up, your car battery is making that possible. You can run your air vents, what does the new lady gaga perfume smell like on the interior lights, check the buyy lights or listen to the radio without having to the turn the engine on thanks to your battery.

Be careful if you do any of this for an extended period of time without the engine running, as you'll soon run out of charge! Lighting - your interior lights, indicators and of course rear and main headlights run straight off the battery. This means you can still see and be seen while parked up with the engine switched off. Alongside the lights, car batteries also power the other electrical items you can fit to your car or plug into the 12V shiuld outlet, including Sat-Navs, phone chargers, DVD players and even mini fridges for those camping trips!

Ignition - car engines don't just start themselves and require electricity to get going. Batteries provide the electricity to the spark plugs or heating elements, the bits that light the fuel in your engine and make it run. Just like normal batteries, car batteries use a chemical reaction to generate the electricity needed to run the lights or start the engine.

When the key is half-turned in the ignition, the chemical reaction takes place, with electricity released to the car's systems to the battery. Over time, the battery will lose its charge, but luckily the reaction can be reversed, allowing energy to be stored in the battery ready for the next time the engine needs to be started. This is known as 'charging' the battery.

We have made it easier than ever to find the recommended car battery for your vehicle, our simple VRN tool will match the recommended car battery for your vehicle across a range of brands including Yuasa. Simply head over to our battery section and enter your vehicle registration number to see relevant batteries.

If your battery is totally flat and the engine won't turn over, then you'll need to use a charger to give it a full charge. You'll need a charger that's fully compatible with your car and battery and you'll need to follow a few rules to prevent damage to either the battery or the charger - which you can find in our How To Charge a Car Battery guide.

Halfords currently supplies three main types of car battery, which we'll get to shortly. How long they last really depends on how often you turn your engine on and off, how far you drive each year and other factors such as letting your battery run down repeatedly. Certain types of battery batterj last longer than others, but the key thing to look out for is the number of starts and if there is a guarantee.

Depending on the type of battery your car has, there'll be a number of starts that your battery will be able to provide before it begins to wear out or refuses to charge. Here's more information on the batteries we sell and rough breakdown of how long each will last.

Lead acid batteries are one of the most common types found in vehicles. Durable and relatively cheap to replace, these 20, what are preconceptions select the best answer. points 1 batteries will huy a long time before they'll need to be replaced, plus they're covered ccar a 3 year guarantee. These batteries offer a bartery improvement on lead acid batteries thanks to their 4 year guarantee and a rating for around 30, starts.

Our top end calcium batteries come with a 5 year guarantee and are good for up to 50, starts. These batteries are a bit more expensive, but are a lot more durable, lasting for an incrediblestarts! At Halfords, the batteries we provide come with 3 year, 4 cwr, 5 year or lifetime guarantees the lifetime of the battery, not the car or owner!

This doesn't refer to how long the battery will last, but for how long you'll be covered if there's a manufacturing fault with the engine. If you think your battery isn't working as it should and is within the guarantee period, then check out this guide. When it comes to replacing your old car battery, we'd recommend how to write an essay for fce exam a Halfords professional to do it for you.

Both batteries and electrical systems can get easily damaged if the battery isn't hooked up correctly or live cables touch metal parts of the engine bay, plus sparks created when terminals and connection cables touch can be a serious fire hazard. Shpuld you buy a what car battery should i buy battery from Halfords, we'll be more than happy to install it for you for a small charge. Lots of recognised brand names can be found in the world of car batteries, including BoschYuasaand even our Halfords own-brand batteries, but realistically you should be looking out for the cold cranking amps how much power is provided to get the car started and the amp hours how long the battery will last before running outas well as what kind of battery you're buying - lead acid batteries aren't as powerful or long-lasting as Yuasa silver batteries for example.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your battery could be on its way out. If your car engine is struggling to turn over even on milder days, then your old battery may not be able how to clean mildew stains provide the same cold cranking power as it did when it was new.

You may also see a battery light on the dashboard that indicates if there's something wrong. If your car battery goes flat just a few days after a full charge, or runs out of juice even with just the interior or parking lights switched on, then it's probably time for a replacement.

It's worth noting that car electrical systems aren't always caused by the battery and the alternator may actually be the culprit. If you book a free battery check or service at Halfords, we'll be able buuy tell you straight away if what car battery should i buy electrical or starting problems are more complex than a dead battery. Car batteries contain lots of nasty ingredients that mean they can't be put into your normal household bin or recycling bin, but the good news is we'll do it for you!

If you have your new battery fitted by Halfords, we'll dispose of your old one for free. If cae feel like your car battery is nearing the end of its life your car is refusing to start, then we'll ahat it for you for free! Just bring your car to your nearest Halfords Autocentre and we'll give it the once over, letting you know if a replacement is needed.

Please enable cookies in your web browser to improve your shopping experience. Your browser's JavaScript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you experience this site's full capabilities. Buyers Guide. Car Battery Buyers Guide In need of a new car battery?

What is a car battery? Book your appointment Why does a car battery do? How do car batteries work? What battery do I need for my car? How do I charge my battery? What are the different kinds of car battery? How long do car batteries last? Lead Acid Lead acid batteries are one shoould the most common types found in vehicles.

Shop our lead acid batteries. Calcium These batteries offer a slight improvement on lead acid batteries thanks to their 4 year guarantee and a rating for around 30, starts. Shop calcium batteries. Yuasa Silver Our top end calcium batteries come with a 5 year guarantee and are good for up to 50, starts. Shop Yuasa silver batteries. Book your appointment.

From full-service to DIY installation, get your car going again

We make it easy! Let Autobatteries by Clarios, your complete auto battery resource, help you find the best battery for your vehicle. 5 rows · Feb 26,  · Your car battery is a storage device for the electrical power you need to start your car and /5(8K). A general recommendation is to choose a battery with one CCA for each cubic inch of engine displacement. This is the lowest CCA rating that the battery for your car would need. For example, if your car’s engine displaces cubic inches, you will need a battery with a CCA of above This is doubled if the car uses a diesel engine.

Most car batteries are limited to a lifespan of years depending on the nature of the trips and climatic conditions. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when buying a new battery for your car. Car batteries are divided into group sizes which indicate the length, width, and height of the battery. The right battery size is the one that fits perfectly in the battery tray securing the battery and preventing damage arising from vibrations.

Battery freshness is indicated by a code on the battery which consists of a letter and number. The letter stands for the month whereas the number stands for the year of manufacture e. You should never buy a battery which is older than six months from the date of manufacture. This refers to the amount of time that the battery can run on its own power without the engine and before discharge. Having a high Reserve Capacity helps the car through tough situations such as a noncompliant engine, alternator failure and accidentally leaving lights on.

Cranking Amps is the energy required to start a vehicle at temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit while Cold Cranking Amp points to the ability of the battery to start a car at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. There are two scenarios here: the low maintenance and the maintenance-free type. The maintenance-free car battery is usually sealed and the liquid electrolyte can run throughout the battery life with no need for replacement.

Low maintenance batteries are unsealed with caps that allow you to add distilled water occasionally. This car battery diagram shows the positive and negative terminals and the caps where you can maintain it with distilled water.

It is advisable to consider warranties and choose a battery with a long period of free replacement. Warranty periods are measured by a figure combining the free replacement period and the prorated period. The prorated period allows for partial reimbursement of the purchase sum of the battery for a limited period of time. The position of the positive terminal affects the polarity of the car and there is a risk of shorting if the positive terminal contacts with the metal shell of the car.

It is therefore very crucial to check what side the positive terminal is located whether right or left depending on the type of car. Ensure that the terminals are the right way around red is positive and that the battery is securely screwed down.

This refers to how much electricity the battery can store capacity. A higher Ah means that the battery can maintain a load for a long time thus chances of the battery running out are less. You can check the battery life of your current battery at an auto parts store or battery specialist. This will help you know if you need a new battery or just a maintenance procedure. Before buying a battery, consider your own previous experience with the battery type. A battery which served you for a log time without issues is preferable, and you can always compare this experience with friends.

Darren is an expert on driving and transport, and is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Drink walking is when a person is drunk and walks home. It's very common among young males aged and Battery Size Car batteries are divided into group sizes which indicate the length, width, and height of the battery.

Battery Freshness Battery freshness is indicated by a code on the battery which consists of a letter and number. Reserve Capacity This refers to the amount of time that the battery can run on its own power without the engine and before discharge. By Darren Cottingham. Tagged with: car maintenance Posted in Advice.

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