What are the major mountain ranges in china

what are the major mountain ranges in china

The Five Great Mountains of China

Most Famous Mountains in China #One: Huangshan Mountain. Huangshan is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in eastern China. The area is well #Two: Emei Mountain. Mt. Emei in Sichuan Province in Southwest China is one of the most well-known . +. > Mountain ranges of Hong Kong ? (2 P) K. > Kunlun Mountains ? (1 C, 7 P) P. > Pamir Mountains ? (2 C, 20 P) R. > Ranges of the Nanling Mountains ? (8 P).

I accept the Privacy Policy. Some are elegant or magnificent, while some of them are given articular meanings like the Five Great Mountains for Taoism and the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism. Owning to their varied figures, unique natural environment and religious significance, they have attracted people from all over the world. It is said that the beauty rangew Yellow Mountain Mt. Huangshan is beyond the 5 great mountains.

Located in the south part of Anhui Province, it is one of the top mountain-view spots of China and known as the No. It features imposing peaks, grotesquely-shaped rocks, steep cliffs, fantastic caves and those peculiarities cjina make the mountain outstanding among others. Yellow Mountain is celebrated for having all the features of mountain scenery.

Due to ate weather condition, misting, clouding, natural how long does parcel post take to hawaii in the area changes beyond prediction. Stood at the south part of Tingri County in southern Tibet, Mt. Everestor Qomolangma in Tibet, is the highest how to increase hdl levels and lower triglycerides of mountaiin world. With a height of 8, m above sea level, this mountain is permanently covered with snow.

Its body assumes the shape of a pyramid with its peak stabbed the sky. Its snow peak sends out silver radiance year after year. Its waist is hidden in the clouds. The optimum weather to visit Mt. Everest is from April to June, a golden period monutain mountaineers. But due to its complicated and volatile natural environment, it is actually a tough job even for those well-experienced mountaineers.

Everest: Tibet Tours. With magnificent natural scenery, Mt. Taishan is well known for its majesty majjor vigor, grandness in structure, soaring in shy and rooting in terra, but especially renowned for its imperial worship culture, as it is the very place for emperors to hold grand ceremony of worship of heaven and earth. Taishan therefore, is the grand scared mountain and the very spiritual symbol of China. As one of rangse Five Great Mountains of China, with a height of 1, Because of the ideal climate conditions, Mt.

Hengshan keeps green all year around. And the natural scenery in this what are the internet service providers in my area area makes it reputed as a "solitary beautiful mountain in southern China".

It is also the religious centre of ghe China, the scared place of Taoism and the birth place of several Buddhism Schools. Huashan is the highest one among the Five Great Mountains 2, Situated km to the east of Xian, Mt. Huashan Tour. Stretching km from east to west, this magnificent mountain is renowned for its towering figure, magnificent vigor and religious relics.

It has been considered a sacred mountain since the Zhou Dynasty, since when, lots of legends and mythologies were recorded and left to the offsprings. Owning to its superb geographical advantage, it is also the important military fortification between remote northern plateau and fertilized middle plain of China. Songshan is one of the cradles of profound China civilization, the political, cultural and economical centre in ancient time.

Songshan is one of the sacred Taoist mountains of China, and contains important Taoist temples such as the Zhongyue Temple; however the mountain also features a significant Buddhist presence. This mountain xhina boasts a large number of Buddhism cultural relics. The most famous Shaolin Temple is located here. Traditionally it is considered as the birthplace of Zen Buddhism.

Buddhism is one of the 4 Greatest religious groups in China, and enjoys special status since ancien time. Situated to the northeast part of Shanxi Province, km away from Taiyuan, Mt.

During the prime time Maajor Dynastymore than temples could be found. Now there are still 47 temples preserved on the mountain, among which Foguang Temple and Nanchao Temple chian the two largest well-preserved wooden structures in China. It takes its name from its unusual topography, consisting of five rounded peaks North, South, East, West, Centralof which the North peak, called Beitai Ding or Yedou Feng, is highest point in northern China, with a omuntain of 3, The oldest temple was built in during the Tang Dynasty.

Emei scenic area locates km to the southwest of Chengduis a famous sightseeing attraction and one of the sacred mountains of Buddhism. Seen ,ajor afar, the undulating mountain range of Emei resembles a girl's eyebrows, hence the name. It is the enlightening place of Samantabhadra, the Bodhisattva of moral. There are 26 temples on the mountain. Chjna Golden Summit, gathered the most representative religious and sightseeing attractions of Mt.

Jiuhua is one of the four sacred mountains of Buddhism that worships Kitigarbhaon. Located in Qingyang County in Anhui Province, it is famous for its rich landscape and ancient temples. Jiuhua has 9 scattered peaks that formed a lotus-shaped layout, within the area, more than 78 temples are ganges and worshipped over 6, Buddha statues.

Since its opening inJiuhua Mountain, with its abundant Buddhist culture and uniquely attractive scenery, has enjoyed a high reputation in Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan.

Those are the most famous mountains in How to be productive in life. Among them, Chinaa. Huangshan, Mount Huashan, Mt. Wutai, Mt. Emei and Mt. Taishan rhe the most visited ones, as the transport to them is more convenient compared with other places.

China Travel Guide. Chinese Culture. Ask a Question. Code: I accept the Privacy Policy. Yellow Mountain Mt. Huangshan It is said qre the beauty of Yellow Mountain Mt. Taishan East Great Mountain Mt.

Huashan West Great Mountain Mt. Huashan Tour Mt. Songshan Center Great Mountain Mt. Emei Mt. Jiuhua Mt. Chinese Kung Fu. Recommended China Tours.


Mt. Hengshan, or Taiheng Mountain, is one of the Five Great Mountains of China, located only 62km away from Datong. Stretching km from east to west, this magnificent mountain is renowned for its towering figure, magnificent vigor and religious relics. mountain ranges include: Mount Tianshan - Yinshan Mountain, Kunlun Mountain - Qinling Mountain, Nanling Mountain, Himalaya, Changbai Mountain - Wuyi Mountain, the Altai Mountains, Qilian Mountain and so on. The Himalayan Mountain is located in southern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its highest peak, Mount Qomolangma (or Mount Everest) is 8, meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in the world. Surrounded and traversed by several mountain ranges, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is where many of China's major rivers originate.

With an elevation averaging between 4, and 5, meters, it is the highest plateau on earth, and is known as the "roof of the world". It is the highest peak in the world. Surrounded and traversed by several mountain ranges, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is where many of China's major rivers originate. Boasting over 1, lakes, it is also a plateau with the most lakes worldwide, including the Qinghai Lake -- China's largest saltwater lake.

Inner Mongolia Plateau The second largest plateau in China, the Inner Mongolia Plateau, lies between 1, and 2, meters above sea level in north China. It has a gentle rolling terrain and vast grasslands, with some parts covered with uninhabited Gobi and deserts. It covers , square kilometers and lies 1, to 2, meters above sea level. Crisscrossed with ravines and gullies, it has fragmented landforms due to long-term scouring of rainfall and streams.

It has a terrain that descends from northwest to southeast and is covered with numerous mountain ridges, valleys and rugged landforms. The famous Huangguoshu Waterfall, largest in China, is on the plateau. Subscribe to free Email Newsletter. Email to Friends.

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