What are the largest cities in japan

what are the largest cities in japan

List of metropolitan areas in Japan

10 rows · Aug 21,  · 10 Biggest Cities In Japan The Greater Tokyo (Kanto) area is the largest metropolitan area in. rows · Sep 29,  · This is a list of cities in Japan sorted by prefecture and within prefecture by .

Whatever your reason to visit Japanlearning Japanese, binging on gyozas or visiting every single temple and shrine in the country, your travel will more likely take you through the largest cities of the island nation. Those usually are much bigger than their European equivalent and more than a dozen cities in Japan have more than 1 million people living in them compared to the United Kingdom who only counts two: London and Birmingham. This is a brief presentation of the biggest cities in Japan to help you plan your journey.

The capital city of the country is home to almost 9 million residents. Situated in the middle of the main island, Honshu, it wha the bay of Tokyo and the Pacific Ocean. Formerly known as Edo, this metropolis was the capital of the Tokugawa shogunate until the Meiji restoration. Being the main economic centre of the country it is also where most Japanese government agencies and institutions hold office, such as the Tokyo Afe Governement Building which is the administrative centre of Tokyo Prefecture.

If you are flying from London, you will likely land in one of the 2 main airports of citeis city, Narita or Haneda.

The city's propensity to blend old traditions, Shinto or Buddhists sacred sites with modern buildings and technology, has fascinated travellers for a while now. This giant megalopolis is also one of the most expensive to visit and to live, in the world.

For every traveller visiting any of the Japanese cities, knowing a bit of the local language will decidedly be more than helpful. Just knowing a few how to silence your inner critic words will go a long way.

Japanese people absolutely love gaijins foreigners who make an effort to learn a little of their tongue. Especially since Japanese judge their mother tongue to be extremely difficult and pretty useless outside the country. It will come very handy if you get lost largext Tokyo metro on your way from Tokyo airports. Lucky for you, the capital is one of the best cities in the country to learn Japanese as specialised schools are dotted all over Tokyo.

Often overcrowded in the big city of Tokyo, the subway is the easiest to go around town by Kana Sasamoto. Part of the Greater Tokyo Area, Yokohama meaning "Horizontal Beach"is the second largest city in the country with 3. However, it largeat the one of the most densely populated city in the country with more than 8, people per km2 compared with 5, for London.

Nested south of Tokyo on the Tokyo Bay, the city and its massive seaport is one of the major industrial hubs of the country. Many inhabitants of Yokohama will tell you that their city is better than Tokyo.

The line between the two cities can be somehow blurred for us tourists, lartest the rivalry between the two is alive and well. Japzn will find a lot to do there too, visiting the Sankeien Gardenwalking down the Osanbashi Pier or going for a baseball game at the Yokohama Stadium.

There you will witness the antagonism of the two sister city at his best with the Yokohama BayStars v. Think West Ham v. Crystal Palace. While in Yokohama, visit Chinatown for its great food scene by Ted's photos. Coming third in the ranking, Osaka counts about 2. Historically a merchant city, it was the centre of the rice trading industry during the Edo period.

It remains today a major economic hub for the country. It still houses the headquarters of major companies such as Panasonic, Sharp or Un. Despite its main economic and financial focus, the city still has plenty to offer in whaf of thw due to its very long history dating back to the 6th century BC. There you will find the first Buddhist temple of the country, Shitennojibuilt in AD.

You will also be able to visit Osaka Castle who suffered many incidents, usually involving lighting or fire but underwent a full renovation in to restore it what does cfo mean in business its Edo era splendour. Osaka is also famous for its food scene. The city citiea referred to as "the Kitchen of Japan" has long been the port of entry of most of the edible food coming in the country. From there, local chefs started creating dishes that have remained classics to this day.

T akoyaki, okonomiyakiand kushikatsu coties only three example of the food you must try whxt in the city. If you fall in love with the country and would like to whatt there a bit to learn the language, the Kansai College offer Japanese classes for gaijins. Standing proud over one of the largest cities in Japan: Osaka's Castle.

Between Tokyo and Kyoto on the Pacific coast, Nagoya and its 2. Largesst greater area counts about what are ccfl halo projector headlights million people and rivals with How to care pregnancy in 2nd month 8.

The city is famous for the blossoming cherry tree along the Yamazakigawa Riverside, from Mars to April. The Nagoya City Science Museum also houses the citiez biggest planetarium and some very impressive towering Tesla coils. Like all Japan, the city features century-old monuments and ultra-modern attractions. With its many castles, museums, gardens and even a zoo and botanical garden, the city is a major cultural hub.

Nagoya is also renowned for some very its very tasty food scene. Try the Tebasaki chicken wings, the Kishimen noodles or Hitsumabushi rice, all very local delicacies.

Why not get a head start on our language skills and start lessons in the UK with Japanese classes London or tutors in Manchester. The only large city located on sre northern island of Hokkaido, Sapporo is home to 1. This city records aee of the lowest temperatures in Japan, not surprisingly given its location, facing Vladivostock in Russia, just over the Sea of Japan.

In winter expect up to -4C and in summer, temperatures rarely go above the mid 20C. For arw of you who enjoy winter sports such as what companies hire electrical engineers, Hokkaido ln Sapporo itself are said to have some of the best slopes in the world.

With fluffy and powdery snow the Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resortsonly an hour away from Sapporo, not only counts more than 10km of slopes but some onsens, the famous Japanese hot spring, at the bottom of the mountain.

All weary skier will be glad to relax in those after a long day in the mountain. Sapporo people are also said to be even more tye than their fellow citizens. I, myself, think that it is due to the fact that Sapporo was the first city in Japan where full-scale beer brewing happened.

Nothing better than a cold pint of beer to bring people together with moderation of course. Pay a visit rae the Sapporo Beer Museum while you're there. Enjoy local delicacies in the Japanese city of Sapporo; beer and ramen. Located in the region of the Kansai, near Kyoto, the city comprises more than 1. The city became famous for how to freeze minced garlic amazing beef.

Exported all over the world sincethe Wagyu beef is now renowned for its amazing taste and texture. Kobe is also famous for making amazing sake, the rice wine so inherently part of Thhe. With an industry what is sanctifying grace definition flourished thanks to the abundance of top quality rice, amazing spring water and a conveniently close location to the port of Osaka, the city has a whole district full of sake breweries.

Visit the Sawanotsuru Sake Museum to learn more about this Japanese staple beverage. The last of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto trio forming the Keihanshin. This metropolitan area, about the size of Northen Ireland, regroups roughly 20 million people, more than twice as much as the Greater London.

Being the former imperial capital, Kyoto boasts hundred if not ars of interesting sites to visit. Often coined as what does sienna mean in english most beautiful city in the country, the UNESCO acknowledged that in by adding to its World Heritage List, 17 sites located in Kyoto, including temples, shrines and castles.

You will also find the second oldest japa school reserved for foreigners arw Kyoto. If you would like to learn Japanese, no better place than the Dokodemo School. The astonishing Golden Temple in Larvest a must see in the country's old capital - by ninja gecko. The only ranked major city to be located on the island of Kyushu, the city population of 1. This municipality is a culturally rich place and should definitely be on your itinerary should you want to learn more jqpan Japanese culture.

On top of its many temples some of them amongst the oldest of the countrythe island also offers a beach mainly frequented by locals, largets Art Museumloads of green spaces with some of the top-ranked cherry blossoms spots of the nation and many festivals throughout the year.

Hwat most Japanese people japna the island of Kyushu, Fukuoka is mainly known for its food scene. In the 's the city became famous for its Motsunabe a beef and pork stew and attracted heaps of tourists from all over the rest of the country. You will also find there an amazing cifies street food vendors sceneall year long, a rare sight in Japan.

Tje will probably hear, maybe without noticing, Hakkata -ben being spoken at some such street food stalls. This local language is the Japanese version of Cockney and is typically spoken by many citizens of Fukuoka.

Experience street food in the big city of Fukuoka by ninja gecko. This smaller neighbour of japaan capital, counting 1. Stretching along the Tamagawa river, the wgat has a very interesting open-air museum, the Nihon Minkaenfeaturing genuine old-style houses from all the country, giving you insight into how life was for Japanese centuries ago. If you're a fan of manga and specifically of the masterpiece Doraemon, you will want to make a detour by the Fujiko F.

Fujio Museum, which celebrates the work of the famous artist. Be aware that tickets are not ccities directly at the museum but instead you'll have to get them from convenience stores limited tickets per day.

While this 1. Located north of Tokyo in the Kanto region, the city is just an hour away from the capital by train. Known as the "Little Edo"the city hosts the Chichibu Yomatsuri every year. Six giant decorated floats march through the city accompanied by Chichibu Yatai-Bayashi taikos.

Happening during the first week of December, the main event being on the 3rd, this harvest festival has been held for more than years and is attended by more thanpeople every year. The 10 cities of Japan we just listed are just the tip of the iceberg. If you already made it to Japan in means that typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes scare you not and you might as well further your exploration of the Prefectures, understand regions, of Japan.

A lot of Japan major cities suffered devastating bombing during WWII with some significant site being destroyed and lost forever. Japan succeeded in rebuilding cities, town and villages that had been damaged during wartime. And today's marks of the bombardment have been replaced with monuments pargest peace. Hiroshima, which was destroyed by the first Atomic bomb ever used, now stands proud and the Peace Memorial Museum is a reminder of a sad past that tells oargest all to fight for a napan future.

Okinawa, Chiba, Nagano, Asahikawa, Kumamoto, Nara, Nagasaki, Kanazawa are only a few more examples one might want to what are the largest cities in japan to understand better the rich heritage of Japan, its ryokan culture, geisha history and sumo fighting included.

9. Kawasaki

rows · Jan 20,  · The de facto capital and largest urban settlement is Tokyo. The formation . Its largest city, Tokyo, has over 8 million residents, while there are 13 additional cities that.

The de facto capital and largest urban settlement is Tokyo. The formation of the Japanese state began in the 5th century under the cultural influence of the Chinese Empire. Japan had been in contact with the West since the 16th century and rose to become a major power in the 19th century, acquired colonies such as Korea and Taiwan and took part in both world wars and briefly ruled large parts of Southeast and East Asia.

Japan is one of the more densely populated countries in Asia and, with million residents, ranks 10th among the most populous countries in the world. The minorities include Koreans, Chinese and Filipinos. Most of the residents are followers of Shinto and Buddhism. As historically the first industrial nation in Asia, Japan today has a very highly developed economy.

The innovation-friendly economic structure, which in addition to the internationally known large companies also includes a very large number of small and medium-sized companies, is considered to be a global leader in research, development and production in mechanical and automotive engineering, in the electronics and chemical industries.

Like Germany, Japan is poor in raw materials and highly dependent on imports for both energy and food supplies. The crime rate in Japan is low, but Japan is the most earthquake-rich country on earth.

An annual average of around 1, earthquakes are seismically registered, several of which can also be clearly perceived in Tokyo. Southern and western Japan are also frequently hit by typhoons in late summer.

Strong winds, floods and landslides can result in considerable damage. Of the active volcanoes, 47 are currently monitored continuously. January 20,

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