What are the best basketball shoes 2014

what are the best basketball shoes 2014

The 15 Best Basketball Shoes for Men

Take the court this season in one of this year's best basketball sneakers. STACK does a quick survey. The Best Basketball Sneakers of You'll be blown away by how light this shoe feels. The Top Basketball Shoes of All Time | Bleacher Report.

On this date inthe most dominant basketball team ever assembled and Christian Laettner defeated Croatia to win the Olympic gold 2104 in Barcelona. Somewhat of a sports enigma, the Dream Team defeated its opponents by an average of nearly 44 points en route to gold. The showcase of 11 Hall of Famers changed the way the world viewed the game, leading to the influx of international talent that we see in today's NBA.

Celebrating the Dream Team's golden anniversary, we're taking a look back at the best USA Basketball kicks to ever how to reduce white spots in face the court during international play — and you can bet the '92 team is well represented. Scroll through and let us know which patriotic sneakers are your favorite. Considering that most of our last Olympic team wore these as well as many on the rosters of other countriesthey had to make it into the list.

The original Hyperdunk from will go down as one of the all-time classic Nike basketball shoes whether the USA team wore them what is a dynamic web template not.

Throw in the infamous Coach K. Reebok Preacher Shaquille O'Neal, One of the last Reebok models for Shaq, the Preacher was big and bad with lots of visible Hexalite. Whether all of that Hexalite did anything is debatable, but it did look cool while he dominated the international paint.

Ironically, both the tallest and shortest player on the Dream Team wore the same shoes. That shoe was the Ballistic Force, which saw its best colorway during the Olympics. A lot of sohes nerds or maybe just me wished these would have came back with the recent USA retro pack.

Nike Zoom Flight '96 Penny Hardaway, Instead of opting for his Flight Ones, Penny aree a customized 6 version of the classic Zoom Flight for the Olympics. Again, a lot of us would have liked to see these released with the recent USA retro pack. Shoez always Especially with the recent retro, everybody knows what these are. When the world saw Ray and Vin wearing these in the Olympics, many sneakerheads were quickly in search of their own pair. Flightposite II Kevin Garnett, The white bas,etball blue gradient colorway KG wore for the Olympics was already great enough, but then he broke out a golden pair for the Gold Medal game.

The shoe alone would be farther down, or maybe not make the list at all, but it's what Vince Carter did in the shoes that make them legendary. And that's why they're 4. Nike Air Force Charles Barkely, It was hard what are the best basketball shoes 2014 to put this shoe even higher on the list, but the next two shoes narrowly edge it out.

Barkley's Air Force is one of the best basketball shoes of the early how to download dr drum for free and the Olympic colorway is the best of them all. With Nike's biggest visible Air unit to date and mid-foot strap, the Air Force was primed and ready for the all-time greatest basketball team's leading scorer.

Much to our delight, Nike blessed us with a retro this summer, complete with Scottie's 8 on the heels. It may be the overall most 204 Olympic shoe as far as design, but it's not quite the best It would be hard not to put the shoe worn by the greatest player on the greatest team of all time at 1.

It would be the only silver the Dream Team would see that summer. Honorable Mentions. Some more great shoes worn in the Olympics that didn't quite make the cut. By Sole Collector. Nike Shox BB4 Vince Carter, The shoe alone would be farther down, or maybe not make the list at all, but it's what Vince Carter did in the shoes that make them legendary. Nike Air Force Charles Barkely, It was hard not to put this shoe even higher on the list, but the next two shoes narrowly edge it out.

Honorable Mentions Some more great shoes worn in the Olympics that 2041 quite make the cut. Sign Out. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger!

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If you've never had a pair of kicks from this list, you don't deserve to step on a court. These are the shoes worn by legends as well as trendsetters. Grandma Ma! Not only one of the best shoe commercials ever but some great kicks as well. Remember when Grant Hill was wearing that cartoony looking teal Pistons jersey? Well he was also wearing these and dropping double-doubles as well. Too bad the injury bug got Hill, but at least he got a shoe deal out of it. Good-looking kicks with solid color options.

Shawn Kemp was a killer dunker while in Seattle with Payton and these kicks were crazy enough to have their own highlights. It was like an Air Jordan for big men. Always seemed bulky to me, but it is an Air Jordan and MJ could drop 50 wearing them. You could maybe get a couple buckets—or at least some props for rocking a pair of Jordans. Great team shoe. Used mainly in the college ranks, this shoe featured Nike's Shox technology.

The start to an entire line for Nike, the Dunks had a style that resonated earlier on with basketball players everywhere. These were the first signature low-top basketball shoes ever. These kicks make the list based on historical significance and the fact that they are still sold today. Although not for hooping. Some of the first widely worn Nike basketball shoes.

These were rocked by none other than George "Iceman" Gervin. The first Air Jordan that really pushed the design limits. New direction for the Air Jordan line with the intense strap. Kobe's first signature shoe with Adidas. Great bubble sole and actually a very comfortable shoe.

Penny's first shoe with Nike. Great fit for a point guard, but only good enough to crack 89 on this list. A shoe that exploded on the basketball world. It offers great ankle support and is extremely light given how much material there is protecting the ankle. Everyone had a pair of these. T-Mac's peak in the shoe game, which also coincided with his game's peak. I've said it before and I'll say it again, big men don't sell shoes.

However, these were so tight that they were hard to ignore. The "Round Mound of Rebound's" kicks of choice. These shoes are a little utilitarian but stylish—kinda like Chuck. A little sleeker than the Jordan IX. I'm not crazy about the color combos but it could also be because this was out when Jordan was swinging a baseball bat and wearing No.

Instant classic. They are Jordan's famous jersey number in the line, and the final numbered shoe in the series. One of the first Nike basketball shoes to use the high ankle strap.

The see-through air bubble was also pretty huge at the time. Great shoe for big men. This was one of the kicks repped by Chris Webber before he decided to wear those awful shiny Dada shoes and attempt to blind Shaq at the free throw line at an All-Star Game. These are from Mike's first run with the Wizards. Very comfortable and outstanding ankle support.

A solid shoe that seem to be very popular for big men or any post players. A strap provides extra ankle support for if you come down on someone else's foot grabbing a board. These KG signature kicks had a robotic look to them. A very light and modern take on the hard-working skills of Kevin Garnett. Excellent basketball shoe. It came with a strap that actually came off the shoe. These kicks were mainly used on the college level. This was a very popular shoe for NBA role players and college point guards.

Another Iverson signature shoe from Reebok. Extremely comfortable and great style. Jesus Shuttlesworth wore them in He Got Game , and you had a pair in middle school if you were a ball player. This shoe had a piece of hardwood in every pair! The strap seemed a bit much but it did serve a purpose.

The shoe had a buckle locking system; it was futuristic and high-performing. They fit Gary Payton "like a glove. Great shoe. This was when Jordan Brand was starting to distance itself slightly from its parent company, Nike.

Super comfortable shoe, and the design etched in on the lace cover is astonishing. Very light and comfortable with an ankle support strap just for good measure. Although this shoe came out during MJ's second retirement it was still a great shoe. It came with a laces cover that was removable to give the option for ballers who like to change it up. The very first basketball shoe produced by Nike only makes it as high as 62 on our list. While it was a groundbreaking piece of equipment at the time, I'm glad to see how fast Nike has improved its products thus far.

This shoe came out the same year as the first Air Jordan. It may have gotten drowned out by the J's but it is still a stylish, strong-performing shoe. Dennis Rodman had a shoe deal and it was awesome. These shoes could help you grab any rebound. Yet another blast from the past. This shoe was a solid on-court performer in the late '90s. A shoe designed for a speedy guard, the different color combinations made this pair of kicks really worth it.

A awesome shoe for point guards. A spinoff of J-Kidd's shoe, it held up on the court and had some serious style. Worn by KG, among others, this was a self-contained shoe that looked like a futuristic sock more than anything.

One of Tim Duncan's shoes. If it was good enough for TImmy, it might be good enough to help your fundamentals. This shoe was on every court when it first came out. Adidas really had the shoe game cornered with these kicks. Sir Charles had some kicks back in the day. A warrior on the court and an All-Star, these were all you needed to grab some boards. These were the kicks of choice by Vin Baker right when we started killing it for the Sonics in Seattle.

Great style and comfort as well as being one of the lighter shoes out there at the time. The name was most likely inspired by a movie, but these kicks could help you get off the ground as they were some of the lightest hoops shoes at the time.

The Nike Franchise was worn by none other than Moses Malone. That fact alone gives the Franchise reason to be on this list. LeBron's third shoe and it strikes me as a "power forward" shoe more so than a 3-spot shoe.

Great overall performance. Vince Carter helped launched these kicks into heavy rotation in gyms and playgrounds everywhere. These T-Mac's had some serious style. Bold colors and great lines made for loud and aggressive shoes. Low-cut but very comfortable, these were necessary equipment for most 2-guards in the early s. These weren't actual "Jordans," they were "Jumpmans" which was a different line for Jordan Brand.

It's all very complicated, but trust me, this debate raged on my middle school blacktop. General rule of thumb: If Jordan didn't wear them in a game then they weren't actual Air Jordans. This shoe had it's own cover built in. Worn by Scottie Pippen and just as legendary as the player himself.

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