How to write an xslt

how to write an xslt

XSLT Overview

The Element. This example will add a pink background color to the "Artist" column WHEN the price of the CD is higher than 10, and a grey background-color WHEN the price of the CD is higher than 9 and lower or equal to EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation commonly known as XSLT is a way to transform the XML document into other formats such as tutorial explains the basics of XSLT. It contains chapters discussing all the basic components of XSLT with suitable examples. Audience. This tutorial has been prepared for beginners to help them in understanding the basic concepts related to XSLT.

Most XSLT 1. The XSLT 1. If you wanted to write your own functions within a stylesheet, there were ways to fake it with named templates, but faking it won't be necessary with XSLT 2. These functions return values that can be used all over your spreadsheet, even in XPath expressions.

Let's look at a simple example. The following stylesheet creates a result tree upon seeing the root of any document, so you can run it with itself as input. It declares a function called foo:compareCIwhich does a case-insensitive comparison of two strings and returns the same values as the XSLT 2. Automating Stylesheet Creation. Appreciating Libxslt. Push, Pull, Next! Seeking Equality. The Path of Control. The first thing to notice is that the declared function must come from a namespace outside of the XSLT namespace.

The URL I specified wasn't serious, but works anyway. You'll probably want to pick a URL associated with your company or project. The actual function declaration in the sample stylesheet is in an xsl:function element. Its structure is pretty straightforward: a name attribute stores the function's name, and optional xsl:param child elements wfite parameters that can be passed to the function, just like xsl:param elements do in XSLT 1. In the example xsllt, the two parameters passed are the two strings to be compared.

The function's only remaining line is an xsl:value-of instruction, which uses XPath 2. The return value of the function is the sequence of nodes that it outputs. If you want, you can add an as attribute to the xsl:function element to indicate a specific data type that the function returns. Xsot third line is how to write an xslt most important here because it shows that the function considers "red" and "Red" how to write an xslt be equal.

See last month's column for how to do a manicure meaning of the various return values. XSLT 2. The following stylesheet includes a substring function that expects you to pass it a string inString and the length of a substring to pull from that string lengthstarting at its first character.

Instead of always breaking after length characters, though, this function only breaks there if it finds a word boundary character. Otherwise, it breaks at the last ro boundary before wriet.

It does this by calling itself with the same inString value and a length value of length - 1. The second xsl:when element checks whether the passed string is already shorter than the requested length, in which case it just returns the whole string. If none of these conditions are true, the xsl:otherwise element makes the recursive call. The four strings passed to the function test several possible outcomes.

With any source document, the stylesheet creates this result:. What happens if we pass a bad parameter hoe the function? For example, what if we added this new line after the "no boundaries" line, passing the string "five" instead of a numeric digit as the second parameter? Without executing the function on any of the legitimate input, Saxon 7 immediately tells us about the following problem:. The stronger typing offered by XSLT 2. By adding an as attribute to the tto declaration for the length parameter, like this.

With length declared using this typing, Saxon 7 catches the error sooner and delivers a more informative error message:. Nearly all serious programming languages offer the ability to declare and use your own functions; most programmers have become accustomed to the modularity and scalability advantages that this gives them.

Now XSLT 2 wrie will have these advantages as well. Although you can declare and use your own functions in popular programming languages ranging from C to JavaScript, they don't quite count as functional languages.

Between XSLT's xsl:function element and its idea of node ho, I realized that I could implement the classic car and cdr functions that return either the first item or the remainder of a list, respectively. These two functions don't do much ro themselves, but what is connector in networking two of the basic building blocks of LISP and later Scheme, they've provided the foundation for useful applications for over 40 years.

The origin of the names "car" and "cdr," pronounced "could-er," is one of the classic old twisted history of computer science stories. After the following stylesheet declares these two functions, it outputs wrife sample input list delimited by pipe characters. It hlw tests the functions individually and combines them into a wriet complex expression to extract the third member of the list sequence:. The output shows that it works.

It may not look particularly useful, but it should how to block websites from opening a smirk from some of the grayer-haired developers out there:. With any source document, the stylesheet creates this result: 20 chars: This is a test. Right 10 chars: This is a test already short ab catatonic no boundaries: catatonic What happens if we pass a bad parameter to the function?

With length declared using this typing, Saxon 7 catches the error sooner and delivers a more informative error message: Error at xsl:value-of on sn 35 of how to get google docs. It may gow look particularly useful, but it should provoke a smirk from some of the grayer-haired developers out there: ho a b c d car seq1 : a cdr seq1 : b c d car cdr cdr cslt : c.

Seeking Equality The Path of Control.

Table of contents

How XSLT Works. An XSLT stylesheet is used to define the transformation rules to be applied on the target XML document. XSLT stylesheet is written in XML format. XSLT Processor takes the XSLT stylesheet and applies the transformation rules on the target XML document and then it generates a formatted document in the form of XML, HTML, or text format. The XML document ( contains the information about the article. Using the?xml-stylesheet? processing instruction, it links to the XSLT stylesheet ( via its href attribute. An XSLT stylesheet starts with the xsl:stylesheet element, which contains all the templates used to create the final output. The example in Figure 1 has two templates - one that matches the root node and one that . The correct way to declare an XSL style sheet according to the W3C XSLT Recommendation is: xmlns:xsl="">. or.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am trying to use increment in XSLT. Here's my code: Xslt code:. XSLT being a functional language has nothing to do with this problem. Here your code with the necessary changes. The output file is created in a folder whose name is the version, as you wanted, but note the folder must exist beforehand.

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Viewed 38k times. Improve this question. Rizwana Khan. Rizwana Khan Rizwana Khan 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 9 9 bronze badges. XSLT is a functional language, and as a result variables are 'immutable' meaning once set, they cannot be changed.

But don't panic, this is far from being a hindrance. You just need to approach your problem in a different way. If you can amend your question to explain what you are trying to achieve ideally with a slightly larger input XML sample, and your expected output , then we should be able to point you in the right direction.

Just use the command-line utility of any XSLT processor -- it allows to specify the output file. Result - i want , everytime i run a build, the version number should increase. I also want to use this version number as my destination folder name. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Edit: Here your code with the necessary changes. Improve this answer. Dabbler Dabbler 9, 4 4 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 59 59 bronze badges. Thanx for the reply. In my environment XSLT 2. Alex J. If - as it seems - you're using libxslt, you can take advantage of exslt.

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