How to use such as in a sentence with commas

how to use such as in a sentence with commas

Comma Before Such As

Oct 17,  · How to Use Such As in a Sentence. Use such as to provide specific examples of something you’re talking about. If the specific examples aren’t essential to the accuracy of your sentence, then use a comma before such as and after your example, unless the example is at the very end of the sentence. Jun 12,  · If the clause is nonessential, you should place commas before the word “such” and at the end of the set of examples. Identifying Restrictive Clauses Take a look at the following sentences to see whether you’re able to differentiate between restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses.

Posted on Published: November 5, Categories English. By: Author Marcel Iseli. Writing is never an commaw task. You want to convey a message to the reader, yet you sentehce never be there to clear up any misunderstandings. A big part of clarity is knowing how to properly use different words and expressions in a sentence as well as when it is appropriate to use these words and sentences.

Alternatively, if it can be discarded from the sentence without affecting the meaning much, then it is defined as non-restrictive, in which case you will need to used commas on either side. Without it, we would not know which jobs are under discussion. Jobs proved critical during the economic crisis.

The meaning has been altered entirely. Animals such as dogs and cats make good house pets. Hey fellow Linguaholics! I am the proud owner of linguaholic. Languages have always been my passion and I have studied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Sinology at the University of Zurich.

It is my utmost pleasure to share with all of you guys what I know about languages and linguistics in general. Ergo, you need your writing to be crystal clear, doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Jobs such as cashiers and truck drivers proved critical during the economic crisis. Writers such as Shakespeare and Dickens have changed the way cojmas see the world. Aerobic exercises, such hoa jogging and running, are good for your stamina and heart. Aerobic exercises at what time does disneyland open good for your stamina and heart. Sweet foods, such as chocolate and candy, can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities.

The teacher taught his sentecne important life lessons, such as taking responsibility and learning to forgive others. Marcel Iseli. Comma after "and": The Definitive Guide. Comma before or after "although": The Definitive Tk. Comments are closed. Search for:.

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Jul 29,  · Trick #1: When to use a Comma Before Such As. Step 1: Remove the part of the sentence that starts with “such as“. Step 2: Ask yourself, “Does the meaning of the sentence change?”. Step 3: If the answer is “no,” then you definitely need to use a comma before “such as“. Mar 23,  · Therefore, it is an essential phrase, meaning there is no comma before such as. Foods such as pasta and steak are my favorite meals. Let’s try another one. If you remove the part after work, the meaning of the sentence remains intact, albeit, without the extra info. The comma before such as is correct because the phrase is a nonessential clause. You can safely delete it if you want without . We can use such as to introduce an example or examples of something we mention. We normally use a comma before such as when we present a list of examples. Where there is just one example, we don’t need a comma: The shop specialises in tropical fruits, such as pineapples, mangoes and papayas. ( for example, pineapples, mangoes .

Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites. GDP in developing countries like Vietnam will continue growing at a high rate. GDP in developing countries such as Vietnam will continue growing at a high rate. You will receive the product packaging and the new design concept tomorrow. You will receive the product packaging as well as the new design concept tomorrow.

Using commas with them might change the meaning of the whole sentence. This is a restrictive example. In this sentence, it is clear that developing countries that resemble Vietnam will see continued GDP growth at a high rate. GDP in developing countries, such as Vietnam, will continue growing at a high rate. This is an example of a nonrestrictive construction. It may mean that all developing countries, including Vietnam, will experience high GDP growth.

Or it may mean that GDP growth will happen in developing countries that resemble Vietnam. For purposes of clarity, you can take the nonrestrictive clause out of the sentence and use the information it contains to create a new sentence. GDP in developing countries will continue growing at a high rate. Vietnam provides a perfect example. Writing, grammar, and communication tips for your inbox.

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