How to run a project kickoff meeting

how to run a project kickoff meeting

How to Run an Effective Project Kickoff Meeting

A project kickoff meeting is a meeting conducted at the start of every new project. It takes place after completing your project planning stage and signals the start of the project execution phase. It takes place after completing your project planning stage and signals the start of the project execution phase. Typically you will have a slide for each one, and you go through them and check for alignment with the team. In the final piece of the business section, you cover the project charter. A project charter is one page that answers the why, what, and who of the rutlib6.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

When it comes to starting a new project, you need to make sure that you make a strong first impression to make sure that you inspire confidence in your project team. On the other hand, when it comes to a project kickoff meeting agendayou how to stop bathtub faucet leak be looking to make an impactful first impression.

There are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that you get your team excited about the upcoming project. The first step in the project lifecycle is introducing the project via a project kickoff meeting template.

The project leader usually runs a project kickoff meeting script, and it is their job to handle the bulk of the presentation. The project leader will also be reviewing the general concept of the project, as well as the constraints of the project. First, all project kickoff meetings should begin with introductions. While this includes introducing the project, this also includes introducing the various members of the team.

Be sure to go over all how to run a project kickoff meeting roles and responsibilities. This should also include internal goals and objectives as well as client goals and expectations. Of note, only projects that face the customer are going to include client goals and expectations. The project kickoff meeting template should consist of a list of all relevant deadlines for the project.

These deadlines can be broken up into several parts or milestones that serve as checkpoints for the team members, ensuring everything stays on track. This should also include a helpful review of the deliverables or final result that will be passed to the client. Every team member must know what the end goal is going to be and what is expected of them. If using project management software, this is your first opportunity to record these details in your system s of record.

Finally, it is also essential to take any project kickoff questions that the team may have and allow for discussions regarding the project details. Most importantly, ensure that everyone is as informed as possible when it comes to the project kickoff meeting agenda by distributing information about the project what does a picture falling off the wall mean of time.

Give everyone time to review these details before the meeting starts. One of the most common questions that people have regarding a project kickoff meeting involves the scope of the project itself.

While project scope questions are important, it is good to think about the boundaries ahead of time. For example, one of the first full discussions that must take place at the project kickoff meeting is a full definition of what is supposed to be accomplished during the project.

Sometimes, it is helpful to approach how to prep rusty metal for paint boundary by discussing what will not be covered. It is important to set clear expectations ahead of time to make sure that the team is set up for success. Sometimes, it is helpful to answer a few key questions regarding the scope during the project kickoff meeting.

For example, team members should know who the project is for and who the project is not for. They should also be asking themselves what they will be able to do with the time allotted to them. If the team members had unlimited time, what would they like to do with the project? Of course, it is also essential to discuss the budget of the project as well.

These are a few of the most important questions that need to be answered during the meeting. With more companies considering a hybrid work model, employees may find themselves in a differently configured workplace. By knowing just when to go digital or bring everyone together in-person, you can achieve the desired results with all your meetings for hybrid teams.

July 7, What Is a Project Kickoff Meeting? Avoid Scope Creep One of the most common questions that people have regarding a project kickoff meeting involves the scope of the project itself.

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Project Kickoff

Jul 07,  · The project leader usually runs a project kickoff meeting script, and it is their job to handle the bulk of the presentation. First on the Docket are discussions related to the project’s goals, objectives, expectations, and responsibilities, both internal and external, with the Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

These filmmakers use Trello and Zoom to kickoff of their first full-length animated film project. Before running the Play, determine roles on your project.

One team member might hold multiple roles. The draft will later be reviewed and revised by the whole team when running the Play.

For in-person teams, bring your Vision, Mission, and Mission Tests to the session and post them where the team can see. Have your Project Sponsor open the session by welcoming attendees and sharing a quick word about the project and how it fits in with the organization.

Encourage engagement and collaboration early on in the session by introducing a short icebreaker. Ask everyone to introduce themselves, explain their role on the project, and answer one icebreaker question. See the Icebreakers Play for examples. This is the most important aspect of the Project Kickoff: sharing a purpose provides inspiration and meaning to the people involved in the project. Then break attendees into three groups if the team is remote and your video conferencing software has a breakout function, use it for this portion : team Vision, team Mission, and team Mission Tests.

At the end of 20 minutes, bring the group back together to present and discuss their newly-revised statements. Make any agreed-upon changes to them, then vote to formally accept them for the project. You can and should refine them later in the project as you uncover new information. The Project Kickoff Play is flexible and should be adapted to your team. See if there are other Plays you can run that would set the team and project up for success.

All work and no play makes a dull project team. Arrange a fun event shortly after the kickoff, like virtual games or a social outing. Highlight any key milestones or deliverables. As the project progresses, revisit the timeline with the team to update it with your progress and re-estimate proposed dates. It might be a good time to set some Objectives and Key Results. Or if during your kickoff session, the team realized a decision needs to be made for an aspect of the project, try a DACI Decision-making Framework Play to determine next steps for solving it.

After creating your Vision, Mission, and Mission Tests, add in an Elevator Pitch Play to neatly wrap them up into one statement of value. Put it another way: How will we work together to get the job done? This Play also helps identify any gaps in skills or functions so you can address them early on in the project. Not everyone needs to attend all parts of the kickoff. Keep any variations you add to just the core team. Close View this page in your language? All languages Choose your language.

Open and close the navigation menu. Team Playbook Open and close the navigation menu. Project Kickoff Bring the team together at the start of a project and agree on what success looks like.

Jump to instructions. Project Kickoff in action. A team of app developers uses Confluence to prep for the Project Kickoff Play. Designers brainstormed their mission in prep for kicking off a packaging redesign project. What you'll need. Video conferencing with screen sharing. Digital collaboration tool see templates. Optional templates.

Atlassian Templates. Trello template. Instructions for running this Play. Prep 30 MIN. Facilitator: responsible for keeping the meeting flowing and focused. Core team: the team responsible for executing the work of the project.

Vision: the impact your team will have when the project is completed. What is their role in making the project a reality? Mission tests: how do we know this project is successful? These tests indicate if our mission is on track and define progress towards completion.

See example. Set the stage 5 MIN. Possibility: Everyone should begin the session with an open mind, allowing for the possibility of discovery and innovation. A word from our sponsor 5 MIN. Break the ice 10 MIN. Share a purpose 60 MIN. Give each group 20 minutes to refine the initial statements. Close 5 MIN. Still have questions? Start a conversation with other Atlassian Team Playbook users, get support, or provide feedback.

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