How to paint high stairwells

how to paint high stairwells

paint it proper : how to paint a tall stairwell

Nov 15, paint it proper: how to paint a tall stairwell Step 1. Take photo of before. Laugh as 5-yr-old perfects her photo-bombing skills. Then firmly warn her not to mess Step 2. Secure extension ladder feet against the stairs. If pushed tight against the back of the step it will not slip. Step 3. Oct 03, Before you begin painting, take a paint stick and gently scrape it over the pad. This will ensure the paint is evenly applied and there are no unnecessary pools or drips. Watch Your Angles. Cut in carefully at about a degree angle. Remember, you can always get closer to the ceiling on another stroke, but you can never recover if you go too far.

Painting a stairwell with a high ceiling can seem like a daunting task, particularly for new homeowners. Preparing atairwells painting area correctly and using the right tools ensures your safety and yields the results you desire. You can make painting a stairwell easier by using the same color of paint on the ceiling and the walls.

Use a telescoping cleaning pole with a duster made of lambswool or synthetic material attached at the end. Start by dusting the ceiling and corners, work your way down the walls.

You can create your own scaffolding by setting up two ladders. Place an hhow ladder on one of the lower steps, leaning the top of the ladder against the wall opposite highh top of the steps. You can prevent damage to the wall by placing foam tips over the upper ends of the ladder.

Then place a stepladder at the top of the stairwellls. Make the scaffolding by placing a strong, sturdy 2-by board between the rungs of the two ladders. Be sure the board is level, and jigh enough to allow for some overlap past either side of the ladders.

When you hw the use of a board longer than about 8 feet, it should be braced midway with a piece what to see in belgium brussels wood to serve as a vertical support.

Use an extension pole fitted with a paint roller to paint the ceiling. Moving the roller with a slow, fluid motion helps minimize paint splatters. This is useful when you are painting hard-to-access areas, because the etairwells requires fewer reloads of paint. Instead, place the ladder on a non-slip rubber pad. Your helper can save you time by handing up your painting supplies, and also help prevent accidents by bracing the bottom of the ladder as you climb. Gwen Bruno has been a full-time freelance writer sincewith her gardening-related articles appearing on DavesGarden.

She is a former teacher and librarian, and she holds a bachelor's degree oaint education from Augustana College and master's degrees in education and library science from North Park University and the University of Wisconsin.

By Gwen Bruno. Related Articles. Telescoping Vs. Setting up Scaffolding You can create your own scaffolding by setting up two ladders. Painting Supplies Use an extension pole fitted with a paint roller to paint the ceiling.

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Mar 26, I duct-taped my paint brush to get into the edges but I didnt know how to edge for the ceiling paint job which will be coming up. I have a 2 ft, square section that I cant reach with the 10 ft. ladder. Now hopefully I can paint with relative ease and safety. We have a bi-level/high ranch stairwell with 1 set going up and one down. You can make painting a stairwell easier by using the same color of paint on the ceiling and the walls. This way, you dont have to be concerned with masking one surface while you paint the other.

For more info, see my full disclosure here. Note: This is NOT a sponsored post! Also, please excuse the horrible pictures. The upstairs hall has zero natural light and is dark and shadowy. Most of the pictures in this post were taken by my phone or worseat night with my phone. Guess what? I painted the stairwell all by myself! Without hiring a painter! I have droned on and on to my husband about it multiple times.

Basically, I geek out about it every time I go up or down the stairs. In our old house, we took one look at the high stairwell and called our painter. He was reasonably priced and did a fabulous job! No regrets there. However, this time around, I knew that the money to hire a painter would not be in the budget for a long, long time. My options were either wait another year or two or figure out how to paint the stairwell myself.

I had recently noticed the new models were improved and could accommodate an extension pole. That was my light bulb moment! Not only can the new model attach to an extension pole, it swivels all around and now it has two little guards at the top that keep the paint from smearing on the ceiling, so there is no need for painters tape! But, with this little gadget, I was able to cut in without needing a ladder or tape!

I taped off the baseboards and door frames then cut in the bottom portion of the walls with my paintbrush. Then, I used the edger to cut in the top edge of the walls, as well as along the sides of each wall. When I did the sides, I turned the edger backward so that the guards were out of the way and I could get paint as close to the corners as possible. Like so. I edged the walls in my hallway first, then edged the stairwell once I was plenty comfortable with the edger.

No biggie, but something to be aware of. After the cutting in was done, I stood on the stairs or on the landing and rolled using an extension pole. For the corners, I got really high tech. I duct taped my paintbrush to my extension pole.

I told you it was high tech! And, it can attach right to your extension pole! But, either way will work! What a beautiful home. Great job and enjoy that sense of accomplishment I love that part too.

Amazing will definitely be trying these methods out when we finally tackle our hallwayunfortunately we have quite a few rooms to go before we get there. It turned out SO good though.

Duh on me I mean, I know there are such things as edgers but did I think of getting one for myself NO! OMG, thank you for the reminder, for I am facing some painting here a dark blue bedroom that has to go, but the ceiling, which is painted white, is done perfectly.

The thought of going up and down a ladder to tape off the ceiling AND all the trim work yech! So I've been putting off the tedious chore, and cringing every time I go into that bedroom. I'm going to look for the edger today online and get one ordered pronto.

As for duct-taping the brush to the pole a brilliant and inexpensive solution! The paint job looks great, and I love that color. I tried literally 8 or 9 different gray samples before I found this one. I'm really happy with it! Thanks for your kind comments! Of all the projects we've done, this is one of the ones I'm the most proud of. Maybe because I didn't actually know if I could pull it off? Hope the edger helps!

I just added a few more tips about using the edger to my post! Good luck! I so know how that goes! We have three bathrooms and the dining room on our list next. We have been putting off painting our ugly stairwell for 10 years now because we thought we would have to buy scaffolding. We are actually covering up an ugly gray for white.

I too am planning on hanging photos in my stairwell and hall so looking forward to that post. Hi Samantha! These are great tips! They will come in handy when we redo our stairs too. I love your table and chairs makeover as well! Beautiful job! Feel free to link up at On Display Thursday love to see you there! Stairways are the worst, this coming from a paint-hater, but we are painting ours soon too.

Must buy a corner painter! That's genius. I am so impressed! We have a really high entry way and stairway that needs to be painted. I'm going to show this to my husband and see if I can convince him that we can actually do it ourselves. Nice job!! How high are your ceilings? Ours are 9 feet will this still work? Would love to save the money! I have been looking for an answer! I love the way you write thanks for teaching me how to paint my tall stair ceilings and for the laughs.

Thank you so much for this post!!! I used your tips and it worked out perfectly! Easy peasy. I am trying to get my love bad for my house an have little budget but you have completely inspired to tackle my halls stairs and landing which have been annoying me for months!!!!!

I love the black on the wood work??? Did you do that and the stairs yourself to??? Many thanks. Kate xx. Makes my day! I painted the stairwell and hallway walls, but the previous homeowners had already painted the stair rails a glossy black.

It has held up really well! Hope that helps! Hi question for you! Do you remember which one it is. I love the lightness of it and want to do the exact color! Sorry to be confusing! Hope that makes more sense! I had to get close to the ceiling to remove old limewash under the modern paint.

So 2 long ladders used as planks very bungey and scary. Very untidy but I could not fall through the holes. Ground floor ,first floor and second floor and I could see right down the gap. SO glad I read this as I am contemplating doing our stairwell myself.

What is the worst that could happen? You have inspired me to do this myself!!! Thanks for posting. I know this is a very late comment but I have a similar situation with a stairwell in my home.

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