How to make golu dolls

how to make golu dolls

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Aug 30,  · #goludolls #Navarathridolls #goludollmaking#school projects #easycraftsHi friends,In this video, I have uploaded how to make well using waste items which we. Sep 10,  · How to make your own golu dolls My easy and simple hack to fill up any space is with handmade dolls. Simply print them in the size you want, cut the outline, and add weight at Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

The 'Golu' or the display of dolls is an integral part of Navratri celebrations in South India. This Navratri add a personal touch to your celebrations by making these easy golu dolls with your kids! On the first day of Navratri, people build a rack of odd-numbered shelves or steps. The dolls are arranged to represent scenes from life or from the mythological puranas — like a village scene, a royal court scene, a wedding procession, miniature kitchen utensils and anything your imagination allows.

It is goku that to promote desilting of irrigation canals, people were encouraged to make dolls from clay during this season, leading to the practice of Golu. Another story around the practice is that when Goddess Durga wanted to kill the dolld Mahishasura, she sought help from the other gods. The Gods are believed to have transferred their powers to her, causing them to become statues. People put up their figurines every year to acknowledge their sacrifice.

These dolls are usually made by skilled artisans with clay, then painted and decorated. Proud owners of these dolls are known to keep them for years and pass it on to the next how to email duck commander, painting and redecorating as the years go by. This year, you can make how to make golu dolls own golu dolls!

Yes, what is the definition of confiscate on to learn how to make simple golu dolls at home with your kids. Whether you practice the tradition every year dollz wish to start this year, these handmade golu dolls will add a personal touch dolos your golu display.

This simple method requires clay, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, toothpicks, how to make glass plate flowers for garden little hands to mould the clay. Spend Navratri afternoons making these adorable figurines with your child and talk to them about the traditions of Navratri as you do so.

Make any type of doll in any size or shape your kid likes and arrange them ddolls home for a fully customized Golu! The traditional Tanjore doll is a bobblehead or a roly-poly doll made with terracotta. This video shows how you can make an easy Tanjore doll with a plastic ball and some glue. Make ddolls fun round-bottomed doll with your child and get her ti in decorating it.

Have fun trying to knock it over before you add this to your golu collection. This is probably the simplest art-from-trash doll you can make with your child. All you need are empty coconut shells and a few decorative items. A few minutes of work are all it takes to make these beautiful dolls. So, make as many as you can and decorate them differently.

Got a few empty plastic bottles at home? Choose bottles of different sizes to make the dolls so that you can have a variety of them. Holu your child to help you choose what each doll must look like, what ornaments they can wear, the colour of their dresses and add as much detail as you can to make them look realistic.

Take a step into a South Indian traditional kitchen as you make this golu display piece. Complete with the vessels and tools used a few years what is ford kinetic design, this beautiful kitchen setup, made using cardboard boxes, will be a great addition to the golu.

With the help of your child, design various scenes like this and include his ideas for a modern twist to your golu. No time to run to the shop for basic items to make a golu doll? Just grab a box of tissues — no, not to wipe your tears, but to make beautifully detailed golu dolls. A piece of string and some tissues can do maie wonders than an afternoon spent with messy plaster of paris. This video demonstrates how these two materials can be made into a lifelike model of a coconut seller.

What a fun addition that would be! May your Navratri be filled with goodness and prosperity showered on you by deities from above!

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Here is all you need to know about the Govern Is your what is windows 7 oem one eager to click pictures? How do you introduce her to the wonderful world of ph Are you a big fan of chocolate? Try these irresistible chocolate desserts by Chef Sabyasachi Gora The masked lady golu doll golj Jyothi's collection. Makr repainted Krishna doll from her grandmother's collection. Vijayalakshmi's golu display.

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How to make golu steps from cardboard:

After getting married and coming to the US, I totally missed celebrating this festival. While I was in the Newyork the first four years of my marriage we didn't have many friends and I was told not to accumulate stuff as we would move anytime anywhere and lugging things is not practical. Due to this statement, I was hesitating to start getting golu dolls. One year, just for the sake of getting the vibe I set it up with the polymer clay dolls that I made during that time. Then one year, I think I decided I wanted to keep golu and I will do in such a way I will pack all my golu things in one small carton box, which is the birth of my mini golu.

Traditional, even if people can't set up a big golu, they usually set up a mini one with 5 or 6 golu dolls but personally, I wanted to do something in a unique and different way. This mini golu is something different and I have moved 3 times with this golu without worrying about my dolls getting damaged or anything and I am happy that I decided it. If you wanted to follow my route of setting up a mini golu, I will share all the details of how I have been doing it. This is not a one-time thing and it definitely takes years to slowly build your golu dolls collection but for that, you need not keep holding off from setting up golu.

I promise this golu is so easy to pack, worry-free, lightweight, fits in your palm, and dolls don't occupy much space if you decide to bring it from India. This golu is perfect for the apartments and also with younger kids around as you can easily set it up on the top of a table.

Now let's get into the details. First and foremost to set up any type of golu, you need to make golu steps. I initially made a simple set of cardboard steps and secured it with tape, later when my friends and family started asking for a how-to I decided to make a better one and shared it in detail. Check that for a detailed explanation on how to make golu steps using cardboard.

The number of steps always has to be in odd numbers 1,3,5,7,9. Refer here for a detailed explanation of what dolls to keep on which steps. All the apartments I lived in these past years has carpet floors, So I always made the Kolam on cardstock or use a readymade kolam display from India.

The first year I made my Kolam using my silhouette machine. I have used a white marker and red marker on a green cardstock to make this padi kolam. Otherwise, I use a plate to make the Kolam and display it. I hope I have covered every detail of how I set up this mini golu, each year.

Let me know if you need any more details, I will be happy to share. If any of the information was helpful to you, please share it with your family and friends and share your picture or tag us in your golu if you have followed any tips you read here. I would love to see and reshare with everyone. Navaratri is one of my favorite festivals and I always look forward to it every year. In my mother's house, there were huge golu steps that start near the ceiling and end up in the ground 10 feet from the starting point.

Since it was a huge process that we couldn't manage as years went by, my mom donated it to a nearby temple. But the storage of the dolls and stands were in our house when I was growing up. Every year, a group of friends and I take those dolls from my house to the temple for the golu setup. That was one of my fond memory. After all those transporting stuff, I used to set up a mini-park with a sand base with items available from our house golu collection. There wasn't any big change in this setup every year, we do little tweaks here and there.

Even if you are not going by the mini-golu route, this cardboard steps will be suited well for lightweight dolls. If you are using normal golu dolls, please add one more cardboard piece in the middle with same measurements as the sides.

I definitely do not recommend making cardboard steps for heavyweight dolls. Some of my important golu dolls are purchased in the USA. I made my own kalasam the first year with polymer clay. This is how my first mini golu in was born. I used animals that I got from our vacation trip from Mexico to fill the park. I used my silhouette portrait cutting machine to make a fence and a little office room for the park. In , I added a few more to my collection. I did a little shopping in my mom's and my mother-in-law's showcase and found a few dolls.

I got a big Kalasam, Lord Lakshmi, four men playing instruments from my mother's showcase. The other dolls like lanterns, a small laughing buddha, Rama Pattabishekam, Perumal in Ananthasayanam were from my mother-in-law's Showcase. Marapachi Wooden dolls on the left of the fifth step is from my wedding gift that is traditionally given to the bride from her parents during the wedding.

The highlight of the year was I made a miniature grocery store for golu to display on the side. You can get the how-to details on the link. In , I just kept the same golu as my son was only 3-months old and I didn't have enough time to make anything elaborate. In , I made new steps and increased it to seven from five. This time the new addition was Kondapalli dolls. Lord Venkateswara, Hanuman in the second step, Ladies with musical instruments on the sixth step.

The Ganesha was gifted by my aunt from the same place a few years ago. Again, I didn't have enough dolls to fill some spaces. So, I made a few guru dolls on my own to fill the fifth step. More details later on this post. Except for the doll addition, All the other setup was the same as we moved to a new place.

In , The golu part was the same. I wanted a change from the C-mart display. So I made the C-mart as mini- farmer's market and made an elaborate display inspired by a famous song " Maadu Meikum Kanne". This was my son's favorite at that time. So I made the scene inspired by the lines of the song. Since making a doll inspired by the theme is not easy, I printed my favorite picture and cut the outline of it. Added the rope to Yasoda's hand to create the scene of Yasoda churning to make butter.

Made the pot using polymer clay. For the Mountain, I used a pack of air-dry clay , used acrylic paint to color it. Then added moss to give the look of trees in the mountain. I made this tree using wire, moss, and hot glue. Then painted the tree trunk with acrylic paint. Added a swing using a popsicle stick as a base and a rope. This is the top view of the whole display. The animals I used in this display are mostly from the Dollar Tree.

The black and white cow alone is from Michaels. The leaf garland string light is also from Michaels but I will add a similar one here. My easy and simple hack to fill up any space is with handmade dolls. Simply print them in the size you want, cut the outline, and add weight at the back to make it stand.

Sri Kanchi Maha periyava and Swami Dayananda Saraswati were made from magazine cutout pasted on cardboard and glued few foam dots together on the back to make it stand. I came across these beautiful DIY dolls of cute gods idols from Viji's studio in a Facebook group and I have to share it here.

I love how she made these dolls with an empty paint bottle and air dry clay. The Lord Venkateswara looks the same as the one I have which is made of wood. DIY Marigold Garland. Navaratri-The Indian festival. DIY Steps using cardboard. Email This BlogThis! Roopini Varadaraju September 10, at PM. Sushmma srikanth September 12, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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