How to make a circle graph with a protractor

how to make a circle graph with a protractor

Circle graphs

Apr 04,  · practice using a protractor to create a circle graph. practice using a protractor to create a circle graph. Step 4a: Draw the parts. Draw a circle and a radius. Use a protractor to draw each angle. Each new angle should be measured from the previously drawn line segment. Draw the angles from largest to smallest in a clockwise direction. Step 4b: Label each part of your graph. Step 5: Give the graph a title. What is your graph about?

Last Updated: March 29, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 25, times. Learn more A circle or pie graph is a visual way of showing information. Usually, pie charts are used to show percentages or proportional data as a way to compare seven or fewer categories.

You can make a pie chart on your computer using an online program or wirh can draw the pie chart by hand using basic math skills. Log in Social login protracyor not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account.

Edit this Article. We z cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Method 1 of Open Maek. One of the easiest ways to create a pie chart is to use a program like Excel, which has a pie chart builder option. You should open a new worksheet in Excel and then enter in the data you would like to put into the pie chart.

Enter your categories and the data for each category. Start by typing in the categories that you want protractot compare in the pie chart in the first row of the worksheet. So you would type in the how to get your hair to grow faster and healthier three categories in the first row of the worksheet: Men, Women, Children. Wjth the year that applies to the data how to use line in on ihome the first box, cell A1.

In this example, you would enter the year Enter in the applicable data for each category. For example, under Men, you may type in 2, Under women, you may type, 2, Continue to do this under you have put all of your data into the worksheet. Select the data in the worksheet. Use your mouse to select all the data in the worksheet. The filled in rows should be highlighted blue. Open the pie chart option under the Insert tab. There should be a pie icon that appears on the right of the toolbar, with a graphic in the shape of a pie chart.

Click on q drop down arrow and choose the type of pie chart you would like to build. Customize the design of your pie chart. You can also choose the design cirle the pie chart by going to the Mmake tab and selecting the chart layout you would like to use.

You can decide which colors appear on your pie chart, as well as the overall the appearance of the pie chart. Confirm the pie chart data is correct. Once the pie chart has grzph created in Excel, you should look over the pie chart to confirm all the data has been entered into the pie chart correctly.

You can also highlight a certain section of the pie by clicking on it with your mouse. The slice should move slightly up and away from the rest of the pie chart.

Method 2 of Enter your data into a table. Start by organizing your data so it is divided into categories, with the applicable data noted for each category. You can do this by drawing out a simple table and entering in data by hand.

You may have the following four categories in your table: Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, Birds. Then, you may enter the hpw data underneath each category: Rabbits, 4, Cats, 6, Dogs, 8, Birds, 2. Add corcle the values to get a total number of participants. Convert the data into percentages. The percentages are essential to creating the pie chart, as this will help you determine how big of a slice each category is going to take in the pie. To determine the percentages, you will need to divide each value by the total amount of participants and then multiply this value lrotractor Then, multiply 0.

You can do this with the rest of the values. Determine the sectors of the pie chart. A pie, or a circle, has degrees. So you will need to take the values for each category and multiply them by to determine how they fit into the full circle, or pie chart. This will give you the sectors of the ma,e chart. For cats, you would divide 6 by 20 to get 0. Use a protractor to draw a circle. Place the protractor in the middle of a clean, white sheet of paper.

Draw a perfect, round circle with a pen circlle pencil. Divide what is the short name for william section of the pie chart. Use the protractor to measure the degrees of each sector. Mark how to get rid of pubic hair for men sector with a pen or pencil as you measure out each sector until the entire circle contains all the values.

You should also include the percentage associated with the category. You may include a legend under the pie wwith with the applicable colors and categories if you would prefer not to label the sectors right on the pie chart itself. Braph the pie chart. Once you finish labeling and coloring each sector of the pie chart, you should add the overall title of the pie chart at the top of the chart.

Method 3 of Use a pie chart to compare parts to a whole. A pie chart is useful for dividing data into distinct categories, or looking at the parts of a larger whole. You can use a pie chart to compare as small as two categories and as large as seven categories. For example, 10 people who prefer rabbits and only 2 people witth prefer dogs. If you proractor trying to show changes or shifts in a category over a long period of time, for example, year to year, you hhow need to create multiple pie charts, one for dircle year.

Put nominal data or ordinal data in a pie chart. Nominal data is data that can be categorized by descriptive or qualitative information. It is data that can be named, or made nominal. For example, a country of birth or a type of pet would be nominal data. It can also be named and easily categorized but it is ranked, from lowest to highest, or from biggest to smallest, etc.

For example, the hottest time of the year or the most popular movie genre would be ordinal data. Make data easy to read and present by putting it in a pie protrzctor. Pie charts are often used as tools in how to search in java or talks, especially for a large braph.

Pie progractor are great visual tools and can allow you to present data in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend. Often, pie charts are used grapg demonstrate distinctions between groups or preferences between different individuals. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. No, you can do whatever you think looks best. For example, if you're using various colors to fill various segments of the pie, you can leave one or more segments without any color at all if you like.

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Apr 15,  · using a protractor to construct a circle graph. using a protractor to construct a circle graph. Exercises$ A.&Use&the&protractor&and&angles&below&to&answer&questions&1Y5.& & Use&the&protractor&above&to&measure&the&following&angles.&& 1.&&!?!"#=&. B l a c k 19 %: ? ? = ?. B e i g e 12 %: ? ? = ?. G r e y 8 %: ? ? = ?. R e d 4 %: ? ? = ?. When we want to draw a circle graph by ourselves we need to rewrite the percentages for each category into degrees of a circle and then use a protractor to make the graph.

You can divide a circle into smaller portions. A part of a circle is called an arc and an arc is named according to its angle. A circle graph, or a pie chart, is used to visualize information and data. A circle graph is usually used to easily show the results of an investigation in a proportional manner. The arcs of a circle graph are proportional to how many percent of population gave a certain answer.

An investigation was made in Mathplanet high school to investigate what color of jeans was the most common among the students. This circle graph shows how many percent of the school had a certain color. We now want to know how many angles each percentage corresponds to. When we want to draw a circle graph by ourselves we need to rewrite the percentages for each category into degrees of a circle and then use a protractor to make the graph.

We know that the total amount of persons is Now we need to find the ratio for each TV program. Example An investigation was made in Mathplanet high school to investigate what color of jeans was the most common among the students. Example If we ask persons which TV program they like the most, we get this result.

It will look something like this: Video lesson Find the values in degrees. Share on Facebook. Search Math Playground All courses. All courses. Pre-Algebra Introducing Algebra Overview Operations in the correct order Evaluate expressions Identify properties Equations with variables Coordinate system and ordered pairs Inequalities.

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