How to join in crochet

how to join in crochet

How to Join Yarn in Crochet: 4 Ways

You join a new ball of yarn when you’ve crocheted to the end of your current yarn. Joining a new ball or skein of yarn correctly is as important to the appearance of your crochet work as the actual stitches. Don’t give in to the temptation to just tie the beginning end of the new ball to the tail end of the first ball. If you want the join to be on the right side of the work, like here, then hold your squares (or pieces) with the wrong sides together. As is true with most crochet stitches, you can achieve slightly different looks by varying which loops you work through. In this case, the most obvious choices are as follows.

Most pages on this website contain affiliate links. Read more. But how do you transition from one skein to another? Keep in mind that, in reality, these techniques are not very useful for changing colors except for the first method. This is the easiest, quickest way to join yarn in crochet. You just grab your new yarn and seamlessly continue crocheting. However, there are some drawbacks.

You also have to weave how to join in crochet ends. Crochet until you come to the last inches of your working yarn. Take your new yarn and complete your stitch with it. In other words, yarn over with the new yarn and pull through remaining loops on hook. This technique is also helpful for Tapestry Crochet.

This second method of joining yarn in crochet is probably my favorite. Crochet until you have about inches of your working yarn left. First, lay your working yarn and new yarn parallel with the working yarn below and coming from the left and the new yarn above and coming from the right.

Take the working yarn and put it under the new yarn. Bring it back over the new yarn and across itself. Now, take the end of the new yarn and lay it over the working yarn. Bring it back under the working yarn and under itself. Then take the working yarn in one hand and the what is the scope of discourse analysis yarn in the other and pull apart.

Carefully, trim the yarn ends as close as possible to the knot, without cutting the knot or the joined yarn. This method is also very useful way to join yarn. It creates a nice, strong join with no ends to weave in. Thread the needle what are the causes of hormonal inbalance yarn through its own plies through the center of the working yarn for several inches.

These two elements cause the barbs to catch onto each other and fuse into one, creating a seamless join. Shake off and remove excess moisture and place the ends in the palm of your hand so that they overlap. Krista is the blogger behind HattieMay Crochet.

Her goal is to create fun, simple, and modern crochet designs that are attainable for all skill levels. She loves everything chocolate, everything floral, and everything yarn, of course! Website Instagram Pinterest Ravelry. You are also agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Unsubscribe at any time. I just overlap my yarns when joining. That cuts down on the tails to weave.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about joining new yarn. Did I miss something? If nothing happens, maybe the download is happening in the background. Please check your download folder. Thank you for demonstrating this! I have all these stupid loose strings worked into my blanket and now I am switching to knots.

So much better looking finished product. Absolutely appreciated. Such an excellent tutorial! I am pinning right now. Dropped right into your inbox. Want to uplevel your crochet skills? Sign Me Up! The 2 color versus 1 color photos are most helpful. I use all four of these methods. Thank you! Love these techniques. It is true, two colors makes it visually easier. Sounds like you have a solution that works well fo you.

I do the same thing and it is very secure. Which one of the techniques are you referring to? Or do you use them all? Thank you so much for these ideas!

Great post thank you have how to play downloaded maps on minecraft multiplayer it for future handy use Reply. I am so glad you liked it! Thanks so much! Hi Jane, So glad you found this tutorial helpful. Janne Reply. Add your details to get the free cheat sheets!

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Apr 22,  · Hello friends, In this video we will learn how to join two different color yarn or two same color yarn together by Club Crafteria. Welcome to my.

Seaming, some people either love it or hate it. For a long time I was afraid of projects with seaming because I never felt like I knew exactly what to do or how to seam crochet pieces together. The four methods in this tutorial are: the whip stitch seam, mattress stitch seam, slip stitch seam, and mattress stitch seam. The first two methods for sewing crochet pieces together involve using a strand of yarn and a yarn needle, and use basic sewing techniques to sew the pieces together.

Keep doing step 3 all the way up the rest of the edges to create stitch bars that go from one side to the other. As you go, you can pull the thread tight every five or so stitches to tighten up the seam and secure the two pieces together. Then fasten off and weave in ends. Every 5 or so stitches pull the yarn to tighten the stitches and secure the two pieces together. Keep repeating step 5 until you have finished single crocheting along both edges. I hope this tutorial helps you feel more confident with seaming your crochet projects together!

These crochet seaming techniques will help you be able to join different crochet pieces together without being afraid. Toggle navigation. Share Tweet Pin shares.

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