How to have hair like oli sykes

how to have hair like oli sykes

Chapter 33: The British Royal Family, Pedophilia and the End of a 1200-Year Parasitic Monarchy

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E Project. Californian nu-metal pioneers Syles have written the follow-up to The Nothing while in quarantine. The weekender takes place in a haunted prison and is to stage some of the biggest names in rock and metal.

Deftones video for Ceremony was directed by Leigh Whannell, one of the creators of the Saw franchise. Disembodied heads? Sex toys?! Nave into the weird world of Rammstein merch. Mein Gott! Black Sabbath created Sabotage with their backs to the wall, yet it was a masterpiece, fearlessly experimental and adding added yet another dimension to their music.

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Oliver Twist, the young child who lived as a victim of a corrupt society and, fought hardships and endured hardships. But fate was harder in his case. And he fell into the group of terrible people who used him to achieve their evil purposes. There are full of despicable characters who will examine readers about the dark side of humanity. Get breaking news and the latest headlines on business, entertainment, politics, world news, tech, sports, videos and much more from AOL. Mar 21,  · oli sykes on May 01, great job. M on March 20, Excellence piece of work! Top job. Agash Praba on June 19, This is the very good the piece of the work but i think the conclusion could be the better man so the marks could the be the highest.

This and the next chapter will not mince words tracing the demon seed planted on this earth nearly a half million millennia ago as graphic, over-the-top, hardwired evidence of how this same diabolical, nonhuman, genetically engineered, off-planet hybrid lineage still tragically controls to keep our battered and bruised, and always divided human family dying on our toxically scorched, ecocided earth to this present day.

But our most potent weapon in this epic good vs. Therefore, a presentation of an encapsulated summary of royal pedophilia will suffice. Europe is a pedophilia haven and the home of the ancient aristocratic bloodlines that control the planet. The Queen of 32 nations and head of the 54 nation Commonwealth where a quarter of the world population resides, is the furthest thing from a mere symbolic figurehead. For near a half millennium, Freemasonry rules the British Isles, having roots traced back to escaping Knights of Templar from mainland Europe during the 14 th century.

Recall that Prince George was the drug addicted party animal and Nazi sympathizer who died mysteriously in Scotland in in a suspicious air accident on his way to Sweden See Chapter The British royal family is estimated to be worth 30 trillion pounds. Yet she justifies stealing million pounds from over taxed commoners she only holds in contempt.

Though in the British slave trade was legally abolished on paper, the covert illegal slave trade only continued operating around the globe and today is larger than any previous time in recorded history.

Upwards of near half of human slaves today are children in this fastest growing, most lucrative illegal enterprise on earth. The Crown uses its secret societies to do its bidding and killing, and war and human suffering is the profitable driving force behind Luciferianism. These coldhearted psychopathy diseased non-human creatures actually get off on mass death and human suffering, including blood sacrifice and sodomy of children. The queen herself at 6, prompted by her Queen Mother and Nazi Uncle Edward, in were all caught on film zealously practicing their Nazi arm salute in loyal alliance to the German fascist Nazis.

Though the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha deceptively changed its stripes during World War I, the royals could never quite shake their Nazi loyalties from the past. The royal bloodline obsession for inbreeding to greedily keep power and wealth within the family leads to both pervasive genetic and mental disorders. The House of Windsor itself is an illegitimate claimant to the British throne. Though there were whispered rumors in Tudor court at the time, a recent uncovered Shakespeare document confirms that the Duke of York was in France during July and August, confirming Edward IV to be illegit.

Even his mother admitted to legal sources that Edward IV was born a bastard. This fact renders every royal reign since illegitimate as well. A second even more gaping anomaly arose over the genetic disorder hemophilia. Scientists have shown that the madness of King George III and countless other European royals almost certainly suffered from a genetically inherited disorder called porphyria. Though there is no cure, medical treatment can help manage symptoms. Depending on the type of porphyria, blood transfusions and dialysis are often standard forms of treatment for hemophilic porphyria.

A fresh supply of children is required. At least in part it also explains why so many royals are mentally and emotionally disturbed, erratic, and exercise gross lack of judgment. The mental disorder of psychopathy is of course also rampant not just among royal bloodlines but in occupants within the highest echelons of power wherein the system itself propagates, breeds and protects psychopaths as a mandatory inner club membership requirement.

This deception was exposed when a private investigator actually found cousin Katharine still alive, wasting away neglected shortly before her death. These sad cases bear striking resemblance to the disgraceful bloodline patriarch Joe Kennedy ordering the lobotomy on his secret oldest daughter Rosemary, leaving her at 23 with the intellectual capacity of a toddler, subsequently locked away in institutions the rest of her life in family shame.

When not brainwashed by Nazism in Germany, young Philip was exposed to the degenerate surrogate parenting of his uncles in Britain. An infamous, inconvenient photograph portrays Philip flanked by his German relatives all decked out in their Nazi regalia.

One row behind Philip in the cortege is his mentor Uncle Louis wearing his royal navy uniform. Two years later at 18, Philip was hot to trot after the year old future Queen Elizabeth, but had to wait 8 more years before tying the knot in A year after the Prince Harry armband caper, a book published in unveiled the royal family ties to the Nazis, including the infamous photo of a teenage Philip and Uncle Louie marching in lockstep with the Nazi funeral procession.

The unveiling of the Mountbatten-Windsor treasonous German loyalties and hidden heritage had been resisted, long swept under the rug. Via the Daily Mail Prince Philip stated:. Notice his third person frame of reference. But then this sickness really runs deep in the incest infested family history. In England it was in fact Dickie Mountbatten who was most instrumental lobbying for the intermarriage merger of the two German transplant blood-related families shortly after the war in A Daily Beast article emphasized the close bond between Dickie and Chucky:.

Mountbatten was a strong influence in the upbringing of Charles. Hitler even sent a Windsor cousin, the German Duke of Coburg who was actually born and bred British, as his go-between for frequent visitation to Sandringham and Buckingham Palaces. Despite being born in Surry and raised in the Claremont House, the Duke of Coburg, or Prince Charles Edward was disgracefully hung out to dry by his own family in Britain.

At age 16 his cruel fate intervened, uprooting his world sending him off to Germany not even speaking the language. Kaiser Wilhelm II enrolled him at the Sandhurst equivalent, a military academy in Bavaria and by a married military officer in his late 20s, the British Duke of Coburg was forced to fight on the German side against his country of birth.

Meanwhile, Hitler was emerging as the power in Europe and sent the Duke of Coburg off as president of the Anglo-German Fellowship to recruit his British royal relatives sympathetic to the Nazi cause. And it was on that bed he died a pauper at age 69 in His daughter gave birth to Gustav the King of Sweden, but another daughter accused him of sexually abusing her, backed up by her brother. Screwed over by his British Windsor family, the duke apparently kept up the royal family tradition — incestuous pedo-perversion.

The former king wanted Britain to be bombed by Hitler into submission. Somehow content from that dossier will never be discovered, much less released to the public, in order to spare the royal family accusations of treason.

Yet a number of Mountbatten-Windsors did just that throughout the entire war. But what they talked about and shared will never be revealed because planetary controllers control history. What are they so afraid of? That if the British people ever found out that their royal family are disloyal traitors, the German imposters masquerading as the House of Windsor would become history. Back to royal perversions… Edward VIII, his younger brother Prince George Duke of Kent, Lord Mountbatten and Prince Philip are not only traitors but one time or another, all have been accused of indulging their homosexual pedophilic impulses.

Rather than reveal the real reason — Nazi treason — the former King Edward VIII stepped down from the throne using the fake excuse that his professed love of his life — the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson, prohibited his continued reign.

Wallis Simpson was a reputed nympho, afflicted with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, conceived a male but cut short of transitioning to female prior to her birth. One of their sexual roleplays was for Edward to dress up as an infant in diapers and be pushed around in a baby stroller by mommy Wallis… sick shit, compliments of the Windsor family history.

Janet claims that during trysts at Sandringham and Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth found out about their relationship and reports have surfaced that she has threatened to deny Charles the inherited Crown. As of when this story broke, Janet was seeking a paternity test to confirm their love child. Another little bastard belonging to Charles and Camilla awaited a far more diabolical fate, but more on that scandalous part of their demonic saga later.

Chapter 29 exposing the Northern Ireland scandal already established proven links between Lord Mountbatten and Kincora boys trafficked south across the border to his summer estate in the Republic of Ireland for sexual abuse. Lord Mountbatten was also implicated in the Playland amusement arcade scandal in Piccadilly Square where homeless, so called rent boys were preyed upon during the early to mids.

Among them was one highbrow Etonian named Charles Hornby who occasionally had Prince Charles as his dinner guest. Dickie and Edwina Mountbatten were the sleaziest, most promiscuous couple known amongst all modern degenerate royals.

A long history exists of allegations against royal family members sexually abusing underage children. A former Metro Police officer in March came forward to state that an investigation of a pedophile ring in the late s revealed that a member of the royal family was implicated. Another case reinforcing contention that royal family members are pedophiles comes from the likely murdered year old former MI6 spy, journalist and author James Rusbridger.

He was dressed in a green protective suit for use in nuclear, biological or chemical warfare, green overalls, a black plastic mackintosh and thick rubber gloves. His body was suspended from two ropes, attached with shackles fastened to a piece of wood across the open loft hatch, and was surrounded by pictures of men and mainly black women in bondage.

This is the tragic, all too common fate and reality that evildoers remain in power and control by simply eliminating their opposition in mobster-style assassination ad nauseam. Let these truth tellers who gave their lives not die in vain, nor all the victims, the millions of innocent ones who deserved a better life than the tragic hand dealt them. We owe all of them our collective efforts to eradicate pedophilia. An unnamed royal family member was again alleged to have raped a young courtier in Buckingham Palace.

Other sour grapes tabloids began slinging arrows against Burrell as a spurned homosexual. Quite an intriguing soap opera those royals weave of bread and circuses fodder for the easily tantalized consuming masses, no doubt mere diversionary machinations to prevent deeper sinister disclosures about those lovable royals from oozing out, exposing the unsightly emperors in birthday suits left at crime scenes all over the palaces.

But the box and contents soon turned up missing. Having been employed as a palace footman and valet for 11 years till , in response to newspaper articles George Smith went public in November with his rape confession. Amidst all this swirling royal subterfuge in late , recall from Chapter 28 that Butler Burrell told the press of his December meeting with the queen where she stated:.

Be careful, Paul. No one has been as close to a member of the Royal Family as you have. There are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge. Do you understand? Dueling banjos, competing in the soap opera froth, produced more headlines.

Not to be outdone, the king of gossip, the National Enquirer published an update of the above squalid cloak and dagger story in July A November New Statesman article weighs in:. And as each new revelation emerges, a picture builds up of a royal household in which some gay men expect to be immune from the processes of the law, their crimes covered up, their victims silenced, or paid off.

Prince Charles has said of his trusted longtime employee Fawcett:. I can manage without just about anyone, except for Michael. Once again, another victim ends up in an early grave without any justice while the perpetrator lives high off the hog.

Twice Fawcett was forced to resign, yet Charles then turned around and rehired him with promotions. Rumors of a gay future king in the year old Prince of Wales have been circulating for a half century now.

Joye Jeffries Pugh, Ph. The possibility of William turning out to be the antichrist amongst many convinced observers defies popular belief. His carefully cultivated, crafted image as the one reasonable, responsible, down-to-earth royal Windsor to ascend to the throne has been meticulously engineered.

From the Express :. As Kate Middleton prepares to marry a prince, her family biographer explains why their remarkable rise from the most humble background is a triumph of social mobility. We knew there had to be a catch.

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