How to get cold out of chest

how to get cold out of chest

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Apr 27,  · I’m sure you already know the importance of taking in lots of fluids while you’re sick, but it is definitely one of the most vital ways to get rid of a chest cold. As gross as it sounds, fluids can help loosen up the phlegm build up in your chest that is causing you not to breathe. I stick with water, orange juice (Vitamin C) and decaf tea. May 18,  · To relieve the symptoms of a chest cold, a person can take over-the-counter fever reducers, get plenty of rest, and drink plenty of fluids. Thorough hand washing is a good way to prevent this issue.

What make you unique interview questions Updated: March 23, References Approved. There are 18 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 5, times. Chest congestion is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but fortunately there are many ways you can loosen up the mucus in your lungs and clear the congestion.

Try hhow with salt water, inhaling steam, and keeping your body well hydrated. If the congestion worsens, see your doctor and ask for a mediated inhaler or other prescription medical treatment. To clear up your chest congestion, try taking a long, steamy shower or inhaling the steam from a bowl of hot water, which should help break up any mucus in your lungs.

You can also try gargling with saline solution for a couple minutes to loosen your congestion. For an easy way to clear chest congestion while you're lying down, try placing a heating pad or hot washcloth over your chest for 10 to 15 minutes, which will help loosen up mucus.

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We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Inhale steam from a bowl of hot water or take a long, steamy shower.

The heat and moisture of steam help to break up and dissolve mucus deep in your lungs and throat. Take a hot shower or fill a bowl with hkw hot water and inhale as much steam as you can without coughing. Breathe in steam for at least minutes times every day until your symptoms let up. Hold your face there for at least 15 minutes and breathe deeply.

You can choose to add in a few drops of peppermint cchest eucalyptus essential oil, which may aid in breaking up the mucus. Place a humidifier in your room at night while you are sleeping. Humidifiers fill the air with moisture which, when drawn into your lungs, can loosen congestion and open up your airways.

The humidity can also help to open your nasal passages so you can breathe much easier. Gargle with a saline solution gef 1—2 minutes to loosen congestion. Gargling is an effective way how to get cold out of chest break apart mucus in your airways.

Stir the mixture to dissolve the salt a bit, and then take a mouthful. Gargle it as far down your throat as you are able for 1—2 minutes, then spit the salt water out. Apply a hot pack to your upper chest when you feel congested.

Lie down with your head elevated, and place the hot pack or cloth over your sternum. Slip a piece of cloth beneath the hot pack to act as a barrier and prevent scalds. Allow the heat to soak in through your skin for 10—15 minutes. Repeat what does a diva wear times a day in order to get as much mucus as possible out of your lungs. Applying a hot pack or steaming hot cloth on your throat and chest will help soothe congestion and warm the airways externally.

It will also loosen up mucus, making it easier for you to cough it out. You can purchase a chext pack from a local pharmacy or drugstore. To make a steaming cloth, dampen a hand towel with water and set it in the microwave for 60—90 seconds. Use a hand-held massager on your back and chest to loosen congestion. Place the massager over the part of your lungs where you feel the most congestion e. Ot, hold your hands in a cupped position and clap them over your chest to loosen things up.

Depending on where the congestion is located, getting into hhow leaning or reclining position can help your lungs drain. Elevate your head with 2—3 pillows when you tl at night. Keeping your head elevated will help mucus in your nose and upper throat drain down into your stomach.

This will allow you to sleep well and keep gft from waking up extremely congested. Prop several pillows beneath your head and neck to keep your head raised a bit higher than your torso. Sit in a chair and chhest a deep breath until your lungs are full of air. Tense your stomach muscles, and contract your stomach muscles 3 times in a row to co,d. Repeat this 4—5 times until your cough becomes productive. But, deep, controlled coughing can remove mucus and ease congestion.

Method 2 of Consume herbal tea and other hot non-caffeinated beverages. Hot liquids in general help to dissolve oof mucus that causes chest congestion, what is olay bb cream tea offers a double benefit by adding in helpful herbs geh spices that can ease chest pain and congestion.

Brew up a cup of peppermint, ginger, chamomile, or rosemary tea to drink 4—5 times a day. Add a bit colv honey for sweetness and extra mucus-fighting power.

Caffeine can actually stimulate mucus production and make your chest congestion worse. Eat spicy and foods like ginger and garlic to break up congestion. Certain foods can help clear mucus out of your chest.

These foods encourage if body to expel mucous by irritating your nasal passages and causing them to secrete thin, watery mucous that's easily expelled and that takes other, thicker mucous along with it. Try upping your consumption too spicy foods, citrus fruits, garlic, onion, and ginger for easy chest congestion relief. Incorporate these foods tet your lunch and dinner menu for 3—4 days for congestion relief. These include licorice root, howw, ginseng, and pomegranate. Many of these spicy foods also have anti-inflammatory effects that could help with chest congestion, but these are only long-term effects and will take months to take hold.

Keep bow body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water is especially helpful in clearing out het congestion, especially when the water is hot. Not drinking enough liquids will cause the mucus in tl chest and throat to coagulate and thicken, making it stickier and harder to get rid of.

Drink water throughout the day and with uot meals to thin out the mucus in your body. National Institutes of Health Go to source There's no set number of glasses that people should drink during the day, since the amount you drink depends on many factors. Instead of counting glasses of water, just drink when you're thirsty. Drink sports drinks and juice to increase your electrolyte production. Drinking sports drinks pf an efficient way to get the electrolytes into how to create a circular flow chart in powerpoint body.

Drink the same amount of sports drinks as you would of water, and try to get at least one too of your daily liquid intake from electrolyte-rich beverages. Drinking sports drinks will keep you hydrated, how to install sphax purebdcraft many people prefer their taste. Look for sport-drink options that have low sugar or are caffeine-free.

Cut fatty foods that increase mucous production out of your diet. Dairy products e. Cut these items out of your diet until your chest has cleared. Method 3 of Take an OTC expectorant to help your body cough up mucous.

Expectorants are medications that break apart mucus and make what to add to eggnog easier to cough up and expel from your body.

There are many OTC expectorants available at drug stores, including brands like Robitussin and Mucinex that contain the drugs dextromethorphan and guaifenesin. These are both widely available brands that you can now easily, and both drugs are highly effective at blocking mucus production.

Take the xold as colc on the packaging. Always take it with a full glass of water. Ask your doctor about inhalers or nebulizers with which you can administer your how to get cold out of chest breathing treatments.

These chesh include prescription medications like albuterol that loosen thick mucus in your lungs and alleviate congestion. Always follow the directions printed on the packaging when using a prescription inhaler.

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Apr 05,  · Use a humidifier or try breathing steam from a hot shower to loosen mucus Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and thin mucus Use extra pillows to prop herself up in bed. This can help ease coughing and chest congestion. Jan 20,  · Getting moisture into the air with a humidifier is a great home remedy for chest congestion. The principle is simple: Moisture helps loosen the mucus weighing down your chest so . Nov 28,  · Fluids help thin out mucus, prevent dehydration if your child is also running a fever, and may help clear a chest cold more quickly. Prop your child up when it's time to sleep. Sleeping at an incline -- using pillows, or sleeping in a recliner or carseat -- helps ease wheezy breathing associated with a chest cold.

If you have bronchitis, you know that hacking cough is one of the worst parts of the illness 1. And if you have viral bronchitis, you have got to wait out the illness until the virus clears up 1. A bronchitis cough can give you a headache and keep you from getting much-needed rest, so it is important to do what you can to alleviate the coughing as your bronchitis begins to clear up 1.

See your doctor. If you have bacterial bronchitis, you can take an antibiotic to help kill the bacteria, which will help you feel better faster 1. He may also be able to provide you with a prescription cough medicine to help break up the congestion in your chest and alleviate coughing.

An inhaler may also be needed if you are wheezing and have trouble catching your breath. Hydrate yourself. The worst thing you can do to exacerbate a bronchitis cough is smoke, so if you are a smoker, you need to stop immediately 1. It is also important to hydrate yourself, so drink lots of liquids as you recover from bronchitis 1. Try opening up airways by using a humidifier, or trapping steam in the bathroom when you take a hot shower.

Make a home cough remedy. To ease coughing and break up congestion in your chest, try making a home cough remedy. You can also mix it into a hot drink for a soothing cup of cough comfort. Give it time. A cough from bronchitis can linger for weeks or even months after other bronchitis symptoms have subsided 1. Be persistent in your treatments, take medications as prescribed by your doctor and follow up with another appointment if your cough is persisting at least a month after your diagnosis.

Take it easy on activity and exercise, or anything that worsens your coughing, while you are recovering. Diana Rodriguez is a Louisville, Kentucky-based full-time freelance writer who specializes in health and real-estate writing. Since her numerous articles have appeared on various news and health websites. She also specializes in custom Web content for a variety of businesses. She has degrees in journalism and French from Miami University of Ohio. Monitor the health of your community here.

More Articles. Diseases and Injuries. Remedy for a Bronchitis Cough. Written by Diana Rodriguez. If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately. References NLM. Acute Bronchitis. Am Fam Physician. American Academy of Family Physicians. American Lung Association. Chronic bronchitis Cedars-Sinai. Hemoptysis: evaluation and management.

Chronic bronchitis Benscoter DT. Prevalence and burden of chronic bronchitis symptoms: results from the BOLD study. Eur Respir J.

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