How to cook calabash squash

how to cook calabash squash

What Is Calabaza Squash and How Do You Cook With It?

SPAGETTI SQUASH. Spagetti Squash can be found at your farmer's market from fall into late winter. Easy to prepare, and fun to eat. A small spagetti squash to 2 pounds is fine for full dinner serving for one person, a bit bigger 3 pounds or more to serve 2 . It is a good squash to use in fish and meat stews, for soups, pureed in squash dishes, as a pie filling, or as a substitution for recipes requiring pumpkin or butternut squash. The Calabaza squash is native to Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. It is also known as the West Indian pumpkin, the green pumpkin squash, calabash.

Calabaza is a popular squash varietal that is grown in tropical areas. Also known as West Indian pumpkin, calabaza is an earthy, sweet food that makes a perfect addition to dinner on a chilly fall night. It can be a substitute for recipes that call for pumpkin, acorn or butternut squash. Calabaza is high in vitamin A, making it a sensible choice to support immune function and vision. Bake or roast the squash to enhance its natural flavors.

Peel the squash using your knife -- a vegetable peeler is not strong enough to cut through the tough skin. Start from the top and follow the contours of the squash, being careful not to cut away too much of the flesh.

Place the calabaza on a how to watch netflix on tv from htc evo sheet and roast it in a degree-Fahrenheit oven until it is tender, about 45 minutes.

Combine calabaza with cooked, crumbled bacon, chopped green onions and maple syrup for a sweet-and-salty side dish. Or, blend calabaza with vegetable stock for a velvety soup. Mash calabaza for an alternative to mashed potatoes. Nutrition Main Dishes Meat Recipes. Jax Hubbard. Jax Hubbard has been writing about food and nutrition since She manages a personal food blog and is interested in cooking and its role in nutrition.

Hubbard is a registered dietitian and holds a Bachelor of Science in nutrition, food studies and public health from New York University. The flesh of calabaza is a vibrant, bright orange. Step 1. Cut off the bottom and top ends of the calabaza. Step 2. Step 3. Cut the calabaza in half and scoop out the seeds and fibrous strands. Step 4. Dice the calabaza into bite-sized pieces.

Step 5. Toss the squash with olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Step 6. Tip Combine calabaza with cooked, crumbled bacon, chopped green onions and maple syrup for a sweet-and-salty side dish. World Crops: Calabaza.

Calabaza Squash Reviews

My Recipe Box. Join Now Sign In. Calabaza Squash. Provided By RecipeTips. A round pumpkin-shaped squash that is found in a variety of sizes ranging from a few inches in diameter, similar to a small canteloupe up to two feet. The skin color ranges from green to light tan and orange, covering a firm golden orange flesh that is slightly firmer than the flesh of a pumpkin.

With a sweet mild flavor like acorn squash, the Calabaza can be prepared just like other squash varieties such as acorn and butternut. It is also known as the West Indian pumpkin, the green pumpkin squash, calabash, and calabasa. When selecting, choose those that are heavy feeling with stems that firmly attached. When storing, place the Calabaza squash in a cool dry area if it has not been sliced open. Whole Calabaza squash can be stored for a month or a little longer while cut Calabaza should be refrigerated in an airtight container or bag and used within a week or 10 days.

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